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Families Facing Death: A Guide for Healthcare Professionals and Volunteers, Revised Edition

ISBN: 978-0-7879-4050-8
272 pages
February 1998, Jossey-Bass
Families Facing Death: A Guide for Healthcare Professionals and Volunteers, Revised Edition (078794050X) cover image


A down-to-earth and highly practical guide, this is the first book to explain and illustrate the relationship between family systems, illness, and loss. This updated paperback edition includes theoretical information along with specific suggestions for developing the important skills needed to manage psychosocial symptoms in the patient and family, both during illness and after death. The author explains how to understand the dynamics of the family as an interactive, intradepAndent system. He also explains how to help families define and facilitate the tasks they must take to adjust to illness and loss.
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Table of Contents

Focus on the Family.

The Family as a System.

Loss and the Life Cycle.

The Family Prepares for Death.

The Grieving Family.

Helping Families Face Death.

An Ethnic Perspective.

Ethical Dilemmas.

Appendix A: Annotated Filmography.

Appendix B: Reading List.
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"This is an excellent book. . . . I recommAnd it highly to all therapists and healthcare workers as a clear and compassionate exposition about death in families."

"A clinical tour de force?the case presentations make theory come alive and highlight how professionals can facilitate growth at the And of life." (Dale G. Larson, author, The Helper's Journey: Working With People Facing Grief, Loss, and Life-Threatening Illness)

"Insightful application of family systems theory and practical wisdom from years of counseling experience make Families Facing Death an invaluable resource for anyone who cares for people confronting life-limiting illness or living with grief." (Ira Byock, author, Dying Well)
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