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A New Psychotherapy for Traditional Men

ISBN: 978-0-7879-4123-9
272 pages
September 1998, Jossey-Bass
A New Psychotherapy for Traditional Men (0787941239) cover image


Breaking down the barriers

Most men are trained from earliest childhood to suppress emotional distress, to avoid the subtle signals of interpersonal conflicts, to experience humiliation at the first hint of failure, and most of all, to resist asking for help. In this much-needed book, Gary Brooks shares his experience of working with resistant male clients and shows how to overcome this resistance and achieve positive results. Brooks reveals how compassion, respect, empathy, and sensitivity to men's defenses help break down barriers and make them amenable to the therapeutic process.

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Table of Contents


1. The Contemporary Crisis of Masculinity: Why Men Need Psychotherapy.

2. Why Traditional Men Hate Psychotherapy.

3. Core Elements.

4. Doing Men's Groups That Work.

5. Marital and Family Therapy.

6. Therapist Gender.

7. Gender Role Strain in Therapy and Beyond.

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"A comprehensive, scholarly volume brimming with clinical insight into the hearts and minds of the traditional blue-collar men he so adroitly treats. . . .offers not only a guide, but inspiration and hope that men whose lives have been badly damaged?men who are likely to be considered poor risks for therapy?can find significant help in the therapy relationship." (Ronald F. Levant, dean, Center for Psychological Studies, Nova Southeastern University)

"Carefully weaving the psychological literature together with glimpses into real men's lives, Gary Brooks creates a tapestry of the ?new man' that is at once honest, poignant, and our hope for the future. Millions of men's and women's lives will be enriched by reading this book. I already have a number of traditional men on my gift list." (Lenore Walker, author of The Abused Woman and The Battered Woman)

"This wonderful book is filled with wisdom and compassion. It should be required reading for anyone doing psychotherapy with men; it should be required reading for anyone who is in a relationship with a man! It is clear, sensitive, incisive. In a time of gender strife and misunderstanding, Dr. Brooks provides a beacon of hope." (Judith V. Jordan, assistant professor of psychiatry, Harvard Medical School and training director, Stone Center, Wellesly College)
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