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Bridging Troubled Waters: Conflict Resolution from the Heart

ISBN: 978-0-7879-4821-4
352 pages
July 2002, Jossey-Bass
Bridging Troubled Waters: Conflict Resolution from the Heart (0787948217) cover image


Bridging Troubled Waters is about a robust and holistic approach to resolving conflict. It begins where much of the currently accepted theory and practice in the field leaves off. Like a hand pulling back the curtain from parts of us that have been closeted away, this book reveals ways we can use more of ourselves in addressing conflict. Moving beyond the analytic and the intellectual, it situates our efforts at bridging conflict in the very places where conflict is born--relationships. From relationships come connection, meaning, and identity. It is through awareness of connection, shared meaning, and respect for identity that conflicts are transformed.
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Table of Contents

Foreword by Mary Margaret Golten.



PART ONE: Creative Ways to Bridge Conflict.

1. From the Heart: A Creative, Relational Approach to Conflict 3

PART TWO: Creative Ways of Knowing as Resources for Bridging Conflict.

2. Emotional Ways of Knowing: Negotiating the Labyrinth.

3. Somatic Ways of Knowing: Enacting Change.

4. Imaginative and Intuitive Ways of Knowing: Seeing with Both Eyes.

5. Connected Ways of Knowing: Energizing Change, Emphasizing Relationship.

PART THREE: Tools for Bridging Meanings and Identities.

6. Symbolic Tools: Metaphors as Windows into Other Worlds.

7. Narrative Tools: Stories as Paths to Transformation.

8. Commemorating Tools: Using Ritual.

PART FOUR: Third-Party Roles and Practices.

9. Revisiting the Mountains: Third-Party Creativity.

Practice Tips: Integrating Multiple Ways of Knowing.


About the Author.

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Author Information

Michelle LeBaron is professor of conflict analysis and resolution at George Mason University in Virginia,. She teaches about conflict as it relates to culture, personal and organizational change, spirituality, and creativity. She consults and lectures in many countries around the world.
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"Bridging Troubled Waters weaves together striking analyses of cases and stories with a sensitive and reflective meditation on the challenges of community building and peacemaking. Instructors, students, and practitioners of all kinds will find fresh insights and approaches here." --John Forester, professor, Department of City and Regional Planning, Cornell University

"Bridging Troubled Waters illustrates and illuminates the value and importance of creativity in dealing with the complexity of conflict. It helps us explore how to employ our whole selves-our minds, hearts, and souls- in approaching conflict." --Chris Carlson, coexecutive director, the Policy Consensus Initiative, Santa Fe

"This is a must-read for the practitioner as well as the academic. A brilliant approach to conflict resolution that is certain to shift the thinking of those who are still operating from twentieth century approaches. This is a necessary addition to the library of all conflict resolution educators and practitioners." --David E. Reagan, psychology and communications instructor, Camosun College, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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