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Measuring Performance in Public and Nonprofit Organizations

ISBN: 978-0-7879-4999-0
320 pages
May 2003, Jossey-Bass
Measuring Performance in Public and Nonprofit Organizations (078794999X) cover image


In recent years, a commitment to increased accountability and improved performance has become essential in both governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations. To help managers and executives in their ongoing quest for greater accountability and improved performance Theodore H. Poister, offers a comprehensive resource for designing and implementing effective performance measurement systems at the agency level. The ideas, tools, and processes in this vital resource will help organizations develop measurement systems to support such results-oriented management approaches as strategic management, results-based budgeting, performance management, process improvement, performance contracting, and employee incentive systems. Using this book as a guide, public and nonprofit organizations can accurately measure outputs, efficiency, productivity, effectiveness, service quality, and customer satisfaction, and use the resulting data to strengthen decision-making and improve agency and program performance. 

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Table of Contents

Tables, Figures, and Exhibits.


The Author.

Part 1: The Management Framework for Performance Measurement.

1. Introduction to Performance Measurement.

2. Developing Effective Performance Measurement Systems.

Part 2: Methodological Elements of Performance Measurement.

3. Identifying Real Outcomes and Other Performance Measures.

4. Clarifying Program Goals and Objectives.

5. Defining Performance Indicators.

6. Analyzing Performance Data.

7. Reporting Performance Data.

8. Processing Performance Data.

Part 3: Strategic Applications of Performance Measurement.

9. Using Performance Measures to Support Strategic Planning and Management.

10. Incorporating Performance Measures into the Budgeting Process.

11. Supporting Performance Management Systems.

12. Improving Quality, Productivity, and Customer Service.

13. Using Comparative Measures to Benchmark Performance.

Part 4: The Process Side of Performance Measurement.

14. Implementing Effective Measurement Systems.



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Author Information

Theodore H. Poister is professor of public administration at Georgia State University, where he specializes in public management and applied research methods. He is the author of four books and numerous journal articles and has been involved in performance measurement projects with a number of state agencies in Pennsylvania and Georgia, various local governments and nonprofit organizations, and the Transportation Research Board.
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The Wiley Advantage

Offers managers a comprehensive resource for measuring performance within their organizations.
  • Author Poister is widely recognized and respected leader in the field of performance evaluation.
  • Covers all aspects of performance measurement, including the management framework and methodological and technical elements.
  • Includes a wealth of illustrative examples.
  • A must-have volume for building organizational capacity and improving the overall effectiveness of programs and personnel.
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"The book has a wealth of information about performance measurement" (Philanthropy News Digest, 4/7/2004)
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