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Global Health Care Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Regions, Trends, and Opportunities Shaping the International Health Arena

ISBN: 978-0-7879-5307-2
448 pages
November 2000, ©2000, Jossey-Bass
Global Health Care Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Regions, Trends, and Opportunities Shaping the International Health Arena (0787953075) cover image


Keeping in step with the ever expanding global economy, health care providers and pharmaceutical companies are establishing themselves in foreign health markets at an unprecedented rate. The question is, How can these organizations prepare themselves for the challenges and opportunities they will find in today's worldwide health care marketplace? Written by an international panel of highly acclaimed health care experts, Global Health Care Markets is a comprehensive guide to the current state of health care delivery systems worldwide. This much-needed resource profiles the world's most significant regions and markets, analyzes the important trends in international medicine and technology, and provides helpful projections of the opportunities for providers, vendors, agencies, and governments.
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Table of Contents


Understanding Global Health Systems.

Comparing Global Health Systems: Lessons and Caveats (T. Marmor).

Trends in Expenditures, Access and Outcomes Among Industrialized Countries (G. Anderson & P. Hussey).

Critical Issues in Evaluating Global Markets (H. Kahn & M. Ware).

When Managed Care Doesn't Travel Well: A Case Study of South Africa (B. Gould).

The Role of Regulation in Global Managed Care (L. Snyder & L. Norwalk).

Emerging Developments.

Accreditation and Globalization (K. Donahue).

Information and Communication Technology (J. Sarasohn-Kahn).

Projecting the Impact of Trade Regulations (J. Murray & A. Mencik).


European Union.

The Netherlands (K. Okma).

Germany (R. Busse).

Spain (A. Granados & P. Gallo).

France (S. Sandier & P.-J. Lancry).

United Kingdom (D. Duffy).

Non-European Union.

Israel (A. Lowey-Ball).

Poland (R. Bushko).

The Russian Federation (Y. Lavinski & S. Vasilev).


Brazil (D. Whitaker & B. Camac).

Argentina (P. Doulton).

Chile (P. Vitacolonna & F. Schenkel).

Mexico (N. Sekhri).

Culture Clash: A Case Study of Mexico (K. Batchelder & L. McGriff).


Malaysia (T. Dato', et al.).

Philippines (B. Reverente).

Australia (R. Schneider).

New Zealand (M.-A. Boyd & N. Sheridan).


China (R. Schulze).

Hong Kong (Y. Chiu).

India (N. Sekhri).

Japan (A. Yoshikawa).


Canada (T. Noseworthy).

United States of America (N. Sekhri).
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Author Information

WALTER WIENERS is principal of Walter W. Wieners & Associates, a health care management consulting practice focused on Internet technology. Wieners has consulted abroad extensively and held senior-level positions with two of the major health care information technology consulting firms: First Consulting Group and Superior Consultant Company. He is a frequent speaker on health information technology and global health care markets.
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"Health care executives need a practical 'how to' guide for understanding the impact of technology on global markets. This is just such a book." (Paul W. Nice, national director, eHealth, Alliances Oracle Corporation)

"This book is a comprehensive and informative guide to health policy and health systems throughout the world. It is an invaluable source for all those interested in the theory and practice of health care delivery and health policy, internationally." (Richard G. A. Feachem, director, Institute for Global Health and professor of International Health, University of California, San Francisco, and University of California, Berkeley)

"This book is a great storehouse of valuable information on health care systems around the world. I expect to refer to it often." (Alain Enthoven, Marriner S. Eccles Professor of Public and Private Management, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University)
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