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Beyond the Podium: Delivering Training and Performance to a Digital World

ISBN: 978-0-7879-5526-7
336 pages
May 2001, Pfeiffer
Beyond the Podium: Delivering Training and Performance to a Digital World (0787955264) cover image


Are you up to speed on the new directions in training and development?

The digital age is infiltrating the training profession faster than most of us can stay breast of it. Beyond the Podium, winner of the ISPI Book Award, will get you up to speed while also refreshing your understanding of the fundamentals. With a focus on the questions you're asking, Rossett and Sheldon open your eyes to the possibilities that are emerging--or already exist--as organizations move into new technologies and performance improvement. They examine the opportunities presented by e-learning, informal learning, independent learning, knowledge management, globalization, object-oriented design, wireless technologies, and more; while revisiting what makes great training, how to do an analysis, and evaluation strategies and tools.

In Beyond the Podium, Rossett and Sheldon redefine the nature and function of training and trainers as they offer:
* A tour of the possibilities
* A guide to professional development
* A focus on the questions you and others have
* A wealth of featured interviews with experts in the field
* Varied and rich examples

Beyond the Podium will challenge, teach, excite, and inspire you. Most importantly, it will help you envision and build for the future--and get there fast!

Visit the web site that accompanies this book and discover the elements of effective training, what other trainers are talking about, and much more!
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Table of Contents

Marguerite Foxon.


Welcome to Training!

How Can We Figure Out What to Do?

What Is Great Training?

Proving Our Contributions.


What Does Performance Have to Do with It?

What Are Our Technology Options?

What About the Web?

What About Informal Learning?

How Can We Use Knowledge Management?

Where to from Here?

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Author Information

ALLISON ROSSETT is professor of educational technology at San Diego State University and a consultant in the design, development, and evaluation of performance and training systems. She has coached and advised business and government leaders, managed corporate contracts and federal and state grants, and presented keynote speeches in the United States and abroad. Rossett is the author of three award-winning books, including First Things First: A Handbook for Performance Analysis (Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer, 1999) and its Website, www.jbp.com/rossett.html.

SHELDON KENDRA is a writer and performance consultant living in San Diego, California. With a background in media, technology, and education, Kendra has had work appear in local television, radio, and new media publications.

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"Whether you are new to the training field or an old hand, Beyond the Podium points you to the future with a readable, succinct summary of the main forces shaping our profession today."
—Ruth Colvin Clark, Clark Training and Consulting

"There are those who say corporate training is dead. Rossett says otherwise, providing a view of an expanding field, full of opportunities."
—Marc Rosenberg, principal, DiamondCluster International, and author of E-Learning

"The training world is undergoing unprecedented change, and trainers are both the drivers and the targets of this change...This book provides a unique 'trainer's-eye-view' of what is needed to transform both a personal career and an entire training organization."
—Rob Foshay, corporate vice president, Instructional Design and Cognitive Learning, PLATO Learning, Inc.

"This is most engaging, clear, useful, and insightful book on the future of training that I've seen. I'll use it in my client workshops and graduate courses as a top resource for practical explanations about new professional models for the training field."
—Diane Gayeski, Ph.D.,Professor, Ithaca College and Principal, Gayeski Analytics

"A practical, eminently readable book for real performance warriors — those who live in the trenches trying to integrate learning and performance strategy, timelines, budgets, systems, cross-organizational alliances, changing sponsorship, and impatient customers. The examples, Q&A, and references will prove invaluable as a resource for envisioning solutions that move from individual to organizational learning."
—Leigh A. Kelleher, Partner, Deloitte Consulting, Global Learning Leader

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Beyond the Podium WebsiteTake a fresh look at training and development with Beyond the Podium authors' Allison Rossett and Kendra Sheldon. This online resource will help you develop new ideas, learn what other professionals in the field are talking about, and gives you the opportunity to ask the authors about building online community, the elements of effective training, or whatever else you may be wondering about.
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