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Ten Steps to Fundraising Success: Choosing the Right Strategy for Your Organization

ISBN: 978-0-7879-5674-5
160 pages
October 2001, Jossey-Bass
Ten Steps to Fundraising Success: Choosing the Right Strategy for Your Organization (0787956740) cover image


A hands-on workbook to guide you through a revolutionary approach to mission-based strategic planning!

In Ten Steps to Fundraising Success, two of the country's leading fundraising experts Mal Warwick and Stephen Hitchcock show you how to implement a fundraising strategy that goes beyond simply raising money to meet your organization's financial requirements. Step-by-step, Warwick and Hitchcock show you how to develop a mission-driven fundraising strategy that is based on Warwick's highly successful Five Strategies approach. The workbook and CD-ROM -- which can be used independently or in conjunction with The Five Strategies for Fundraising Success -- offer you the additional advantages of electing and crafting your own strategic plans right on the page, and analyzing the results.
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Table of Contents

Figure, Tables, and Exercises.


About the Authors.

Introduction: Before You Take Your First Step.

Step One: Assess Your Organization's Current Fundraising Efforts.

Step Two: Assess the Fundraising Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Board Members and Staff.

Step Three: Assemble the Team to Select the Best Fundraising Strategy.

Step Four: Weigh the Costs and Benefits of the Five Strategies for Fundraising Success.

Step Five: Choose the Fundraising Strategy That's Right for Your Organization's Mission.

Step Six: Set Fundraising Goals That Support Your Fundraising Strategy.

Step Seven: Turn Fundraising Goals into Achievable Objectives.

Step Eight: Choose the Right Tactics for Your Fundraising Strategy and Goals.

Step Nine: Create a Master Calendar and Keep on Track.

Step Ten: Measure Your Organization's Progress.

Glossary of Key Terms.

How to Use the CD-ROM.
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Author Information

Mal Warwick, consultant, author, and public speaker, is the founder or cofounder of four affiliated companies: Mal Warwick & Associates, Inc.; Share Group, Inc.; donordigital.com LLC; and Response Management Technologies, Inc. These companies provide a wide range of fundraising and marketing services to nonprofit clients throughout North America. Warwick is the author or editor of ten books on the topic of fundraising, including The Five Strategies for Fundraising Success.

Stephen Hitchcock is president of Mal Warwick & Associates, Inc. His columns appear regularly in Contributions, and he is a columnist and contributing editor for the newsletter Successful Direct Mail and Telephone Fundraising. Hitchcock is the coauthor of The Hands-On Guide to Fundraising Strategy and Evaluation.
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"Fundraising success comes when you pick one fundraising strategy and pursue it with single-minded determination." (New Directions in Philanthropy, 1/02)

Praise for Mal Warwick's The Five Strategies for Fundraising Success

"The book is a wonderful resource for everyone involved in the fundraising effort, from CEO's to development officers to board members to donors themselves."
— We__Review, the CharityChannel.com

"Warwick's book focuses on the bigger picture and challenges nonprofit leaders and development officers to re-examine the fundraising approach their organization has relied on in the past. If you're up to the Warwick challenge, Five Strategies will provide you with a wealth of information and resources to find the best fundraising strategy for your organization."
Philanthropy News Digest

"Offers five guideposts to establishing a fund-raising office that won't waste its energies."
The Chronicle of Philanthropy

"The Five Strategies for Fundraising Success offers a fresh and realistic way not only to analyze and evaluate your fund raising program, but it provides a blueprint as well to help you squeeze every penny of potential from you efforts."
Contributions Magazine

"Mal Warwick shows nonprofit executives how to take the lessons of the 'real business' world and apply them to the nonprofit sector. . . . He offers a pragmatic, no-nonsense, businesslike approach to the big business of asking for money."
Inside Business

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Mal Warwick AssociatesMal Warwick Associates help nonprofits and political organizations build long-term, mutually rewarding relationships with individual donors through integrated fundraising and marketing programs. Their focus areas include direct mail and telephone fundraising, legacy marketing, online communications, and major gift programs.
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