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Organization Development: A Data-Driven Approach to Organizational Change

Janine Waclawski (Editor), Allan H. Church (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-7879-5718-6
400 pages
November 2001, Pfeiffer
Organization Development: A Data-Driven Approach to Organizational Change (0787957186) cover image


This hands-on guide--for planning, diagnosing, implementing, and evaluating organization development interventions--gives scientifically based information, tools, suggestions, and guidelines for those who must manage the human side of change.

In Organization Development, leading experts and pioneers:
* Present a unified framework for understanding OD
* Demonstrate OD's effectiveness for improving individual and organizational performance
* Specify what types of goals, values, practices, and interventions should (and should not) represent OD

You'll gain a clear understanding of the processes, approaches, and strategies that have been proven to work in managing organizational change. Plus, you'll get a wealth of charts, materials, and checklists, as well as useful practice tips.
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Table of Contents

Foreword (Eduardo Salas).


The Authors.

Part One: Quantitative and Qualitative Approachesto Organization Development.

1 Introduction and Overview of OrganizationDevelopment as a Data-Driven Approach forOrganizational Change (Janine Waclawski, Allan H. Church).

2 Multisource Feedback for OrganizationDevelopment and Change (Allan H. Church, Alan G. Walker, Joel Brockner).

3 The Role of Personality Assessment inOrganization Development (W. Warner Burke, Debra A. Noumair).

4 Surveys as a Tool for Organization Developmentand Change (Salvatore V. Falletta, Wendy Combs).

5 Interviews and Focus Groups: QuintessentialOrganization Development Techniques (Janine Waclawski, Steven G. Rogelberg).

6 Organization Development and the Bottom Line:Linking Soft Measures and Hard Measures (Steven H. Cady, Mark J. Lewis).

Part Two: Process-Based Approaches to Organization Development.

7 Process Consultation: A Cornerstone ofOrganization Development Practice (William M. Kahnweiler).

8 The Heart of It All: Group- and Team-BasedInterventions in Organization Development (Richard W. Woodman, William A. Pasmore).

9 Action Learning (Victoria J. Marsick, Judy O Neil, Karen E. Watkins).

10 Appreciative Inquiry: The New Frontier (Stephen P. Fitzgerald, Kenneth L. Murrell, H. Lynn Newman).

11 Understanding and Using Large SystemInterventions (Barbara Benedict Bunker, Billie T. Alban).

Part Three: Major Developments in OrganizationDevelopment.

12 Organization Development and IT: Practicing ODin the Virtual World (Nancy T. Tippins).

13 Around the World: Organization Development inthe International Context (Michael Marquardt).

14 Evaluating the Impact of Organization DevelopmentInterventions (Jennifer W. Martineau, Hallie Preskill).

15 Organization Development Ethics: ReconcilingTensions in OD Values (Gary N. McLean, Susan H. DeVogel).

16 Voices from the Field: Future Directions forOrganization Development (Allan H. Church, Janine Waclawski, Seth A. Berr).

Name Index.

Subject Index.
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Author Information

Janine Waclawski is a principal consultant in the management consulting services line of business at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where she specializes in using data-driven methods for organizational change and executive development. She is also an adjunct professor at Columbia University. She specializes in using surveys and multisource feedback for organizational change and executive development.

Allan H. Church is director of organization and management development at PepsiCo, Inc. He specializes in designing customized multisource feedback systems and large-scale diagnostic surveys for organization development and change.

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"Organizational Development admirably meets its goals." (Quality Progress, November 2002)
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