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Advances in Health Care Organization Theory

ISBN: 978-0-7879-5764-3
432 pages
February 2003, ©2003, Jossey-Bass
Advances in Health Care Organization Theory (078795764X) cover image
Advances in Health Care Organization Theory is a much-needed volume for faculty and students in health care administration. It highlights and explains key trends in health care organizations and organizational development, specifically, in the 1990s. This book will be essential for doctoral-level students studying health care organizational theory and research, as well as for those studying organizational sociology, organizational psychology, political science, and management.
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Chapter 1. Themes, Discovery, and Rediscovery (Mick and Wyttenbach).

Chapter 2. The Old Order Changeth: The Evolving World of Health care Organizations (Scott).

Chapter 3. Alternative Perspectives on Institutional and Market Relationships in the US Health Care Sector (Alexander and D'Aunno).

Chapter 4. When Institutions Collide: Hospitals Sponsored by the Roman Catholic Church (White).

Chapter 5. Understanding Health Care Markets: Actors, Products, and Relations Roadmap, milestones (Wholey and Burns).

Chapter 6. Physician Organization Relationships: Social Networks and Strategic Intent (Shortell and Rundall).

Chapter 7. Sustaining Long-term Change and Effectiveness in Community Health Networks (Banaszak-Holl, Elms, and Grazman).

Chapter 8. Quality as an Organizational Problem (Kimberly and Minvielle).

Chapter 9. Trust and Health Services Organizations: Theory and Application (Zazzali).

Chapter 10. Health Care Organizations as Complex Adaptive Systems (Begun, Dooley, and Zimmerman).

Chapter 11. Strategy in an Institutional Environment: Lessons Learned from the 1990s 'Revolution' in Health Care (Luke and Walston).

Chapter 12. The Application of Organization Theory in Health Care: Opportunities (Mick).


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