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Coaching with Spirit: Allowing Success to Emerge

ISBN: 978-0-7879-6048-3
320 pages
July 2002, Pfeiffer
Coaching with Spirit: Allowing Success to Emerge (0787960489) cover image


Coaching with Spirit is an uncommon resource that shows you how to enhance your effectiveness by integrating spirituality into your professional interactions with clients. Written for coaches, managers, and allied professionals who work with clients such as therapists, consultants, career management practitioners, pastoral educators, NLP practitioners, students and those considering these professions. This book is not a primer on spirituality but rather it is a guide that suggests practical ways you can welcome Spirit into your business.

The foundation for this work is the Kybalion, the Greek and Egyptian hermetic philosophy.

Author Teri-E Belf, MA, BCC and the world’s first MCC, along with 50 other contributors, offer reflections and actions for revitalizing your coaching style with 3 key spiritual concepts (CPR):

  • Connection-- increase connection with yourself, your client, and the whole
  • Present-- be fully available in the present moment
  • Responsible-- able to respond and be accountable for your choices
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Table of Contents





Chapter 1: The Relationship Between Coaching and Spirituality.



Coaching and Spirituality.

The Path to Coaching with Spirit.

The Three Grounded Principles of Coaching with Spirit.

Chapter 2: Connection with Self.

Seven Magic Words and the Wizard's Belief.

Do to Be and Do to Do.

Three-Step Approach.

The Voice of Spirit Is Intuition.

Encompassing Me and My Shadow.

Chapter 3: Connection with the Client.


The Question.


Chapter 4: Connection with the Whole.

Synchronicity Is Purpose Behind Circumstances.

Cycles, Circles, and the Dip.

Metaphors Facilitate Connection.

Spirit in the Environment.


Chapter 5: The Present Moment.

Making a Different Difference.

Spirit's Physiological Presence.


Using Humor.


Embodied Spirit.

Chapter 6: Responsibility.

Thoughts and Beliefs.


For Managers Only.


Chapter 7: Marketing Coaching with Spiritual Fluidity.

Four Ways Spirituality Enhances Marketing Effectiveness.

The Toughest Coaching Choices.

The Six Steps to Fluidly Market Coaching with Spirit.


Chapter 8: Executive Coaching with Spirit.

Personal Purposefulness.


Executives Talk About Feelings.


Executives Have It All.

Competencies Used to Coach Executives.


Chapter 9: International Coaching with Spirit.

Stories from Five Countries.


Chapter 10: Coach Leader Perspectives on Coaching with Spirit.

Fourteen Coach Leaders' Viewpoints.

Coaching Pointers.


Chapter 11: Fanning the Embers of Client Transformation.

Ten Examples.


Chapter 12: Stoking the Fire: Coaching with Spirit Learning Communities.

Coaching Learning Communities.

The Newfield Network.

Professional Coaches and Mentors Association (PCMA).

Success Unlimited Network (SUN).

Turn Down the Heat.

Epilogue: What's Next? The Space for Coaching.

Appendix: Coaching with Spirit Assessment.


About the Author.

About the Contributors.

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Author Information

Terri-E Belf-- coach, coach trainer, speaker, and author-- is the founder of SUN (Success Unlimited Networkâ), and ICF-accredited coach training school, and a coaching community comprised of coaching professionals committed to their spiritual practice.
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