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Leadership for the Common Good: Tackling Public Problems in a Shared-Power World, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-7879-6753-6
496 pages
January 2005, Jossey-Bass
Leadership for the Common Good: Tackling Public Problems in a Shared-Power World, 2nd Edition (078796753X) cover image


When it was first published in 1992, the first edition of Leadership for the Common Good presented a revolutionary approach to community and organizational leadership in a shared-power world. Now, in this completely revised and updated edition, Barbara Crosby and John Bryson expand on their proven leadership model and offer new insights and guidance to leaders. This second edition is a practical resource for a new generation of leaders and aspiring leaders and includes success stories, challenges, and real-world experience.
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Table of Contents



The Authors.

Part One: Understanding Leadership in Shared-Power Settings.

1 When No One Is in Charge: The Meaning of Shared Power.

2 Leadership Tasks in a Shared-Power World: Leadership in Context, and Personal Leadership.

3 Leadership Tasks in a Shared-Power World: Team and Organizational Leadership.

4 Leadership Tasks in a Shared-Power World: Visionary, Political, and Ethical Leadership.

5 Policy Entrepreneurship and the Common Good.

Part Two: The Process of Policy Entrepreneurship.

6 Forging an Initial Agreement to Act.

7 Developing an Effective Problem Definition to Guide Action.

8 Searching for Solutions in Forums.

9 Developing a Proposal That Can Win in Arenas.

10 Adopting Policy Proposals.

11 Implementing and Evaluating New Policies, Programs, and Plans.

12 Reassessing Policies and Programs.

Summary and Conclusion.


Resource A: Conflict Management.

Resource B: A Guide to Oval Mapping.

Resource C: Seven Zones.

Resource D: Forums, Arenas, and Courts.

Resource E: Future Search.

Resource F: Initial Policy Retreats.

Name Index.

Subject Index.

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Author Information

The Authors

BARBARA C. CROSBY is an associate professor at the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University Minnesota, Minneapolis. She conducts workshops on, and has written extensively about, leadership and public policy, women in leadership, and strategic planning. A frequent speaker at conferences and workshops, she has conducted training for senior managers of nonprofit, business, and government organizations in the U.S., United Kingdom, Poland, and Ukraine.

JOHN M. BRYSON is a professor of planning and public affairs and associate dean for research and centers at the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. He consults widely on leadership and strategic planning with public, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations in the United States and abroad. He is the author of Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations andCreating and Implementing Your Strategic Plan (with Farnum K. Alston), both from Jossey-Bass.

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"Intuition and experience teach us that no one is really ‘in charge’ of anything complex or important. Barbara Crosby and John Bryson have developed this idea into a vividly positive image of the leader's role. ‘Shared-power,’ as they describe, dissect, and show how to work with it, transforms the very definition of leadership for the twenty-first century."
--Harlan Cleveland, author, Nobody in Charge: Essays on the Future of Leadership, and president emeritus, the World Academy of Arts and Sciences

"This important book provides strategies for converting public ideas into necessary public action. It will help leaders in every arena to renew our collective commitment to the common good, one of our most urgent responsibilities to the future."
--Robert H. Bruininks, president, University of Minnesota

"With this book Barbara Crosby and John Bryson again set the standard for modern considerations of public leadership. They have it exactly right in their claim that the best of contemporary leadership involves getting things done by sharing power."
--H. George Frederickson, Edwin O. Stene Distinguished Professor of Public Administration, University of Kansas, and author, The Spirit of Public Administration

"Crosby and Bryson describe why we live in a ‘no one in charge’ world and how we can effectively lead in it. And this is not just any kind of leadership, but collaborative leadership to make sure we get to the twenty-second century whole and humane."
--Barbara J. Nelson, dean, UCLA School of Public Affairs

"Barbara Crosby and John Bryson show how, where, when, and why to bring diverse groups together to rethink and re-envision what is possible in order to advance the common good. We can have a better world!"
--Gary L. Cunningham, director, African American Men’s Project; director, Primary Care for Hennepin County; and CEO, North Point Health and Wellness Center

"Crosby and Bryson provide the practical examples that show how the principles involved in leading for the common good can be applied to real-world problems where shared leadership within and across organizations is a critical determinant of effective social change.",br> --Michael D. Mumford, professor of psychology, University of Oklahoma, and editor, The Leadership Quarterly

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