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Integrating Lean Six Sigma and High-Performance Organizations: Leading the Charge Toward Dramatic, Rapid, and Sustainable Improvement

ISBN: 978-0-7879-6973-8
464 pages
December 2003, Pfeiffer
Integrating Lean Six Sigma and High-Performance Organizations: Leading the Charge Toward Dramatic, Rapid, and Sustainable Improvement (0787969737) cover image


You know that great improvement initiatives abound. What you may not know is how to implement them effectively; get fast, dramatic improvement; and sustain those results for the long term. It's a common problem. But take heart: The next wave of performance excellence is here—the seamless integration of today's leading improvement methods. This integration, described thoroughly in this book, builds upon the strengths and addresses the shortcomings of each discipline. For example:
  • While Six Sigma provides a disciplined, quantitative approach, many efforts fail because they don't address the people side of performance improvement and change management. Plus, Six Sigma efforts are expensive and take too long to produce results.
  • Lean Manufacturing techniques can provide quick results, but they lack quantitative tools to reduce variation, and, as a result, are incapable of addressing numerous high-dollar improvement opportunities.
  • Though High-Performance Organizations (HPO) create conditions for great motivation, improve intra-organizational interactions, and lower employee turnover, many HPO interventions fail to produce solid business results because members lack a disciplined approach and the tools for improvement.
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Table of Contents

List of Tables, Figures, and Exhibits.


Preface for the Collaborative Work Systems Series.



Website Information.



Chapter 1: Overview of Lean Six Sigma.

Chapter 2: Overview of High-Performance Organizations.

Chapter 3: Lean Six Sigma and High-Performance Organizations Combined.


Section 1: The Fundamentals.

Chapter 4: Lessons Learned from Integrating Lean Six Sigma and HPO.

Chapter 5: Leadership Fundamentals.

Chapter 6: Useful Distinctions.

Chapter 7: Leader’s Basic Toolkit.

Section 2: The Leader’s Stage-by-Stage Guide.

Stage 1: Initiation.

Chapter 8: Activity Map and Leader To Do List.

Chapter 9: Tools Application.

Chapter 10: Pragmatic Tips.

Stage 2: Direction Setting.

Chapter 11: Activity Map and Leader To Do List.

Chapter 12: Tools Application.

Chapter 13: Pragmatic Tips.

Stage 3: Design.

Chapter 14: Activity Map and Leader To Do List.

Chapter 15: Tools Application.

Chapter 16: Pragmatic Tips.

Stage 4: Implementation.

Chapter 17: Activity Map and Leader To Do List.

Chapter 18: Tools Application.

Chapter 19: Pragmatic Tips.

Stage 5: Operations and Continuous Improvement.

Chapter 20: Activity Map and Leader To Do List.

Chapter 21: Tools Application.

Chapter 22: Pragmatic Tips.




Large-Group Interventions.

Reference Material.


About the Series Editors.

About the Author.

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Author Information

Tom Devane, international consultant, author, and workshop leader, is the founder of Tom Devane & Associates. His broad range of clients includes Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, StorageTek, Weyerhaeuser, and the government of South Africa. He is the coauthor and coeditor of The Change Handbook and a contributor to numerous books, magazines, and websites. Devane is a guest lecturer at Cornell University and Sonoma State University, and a three-time recipient of the Diamond Award for Teaching Excellence from the University of Denver, where he is a member of the adjunct faculty.
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"Tom Devane has provided a straightforward, practical guide for leaders striving to improve their business results. Moving quickly from the theory to pragmatic tips and time proven tools, Devane offers a leader's roadmap for performance improvements in today's rapidly changing business environment."
— Karl Schmidt, vice president process excellence, Johnson & Johnson

"This is the book that I've been looking for until now! Why? Because it exactly guide us to the practical methodology and concepts that any business enterprises and firms would seek for. From my experience of the business practitioner and quality trainer, it is highly vital to integrate and harmonize 'the hard part,' which helps to improve the current processes and products, tackling the vital few causes of the problems, and 'the soft part,' which helps to obtain the buy-in form the key stakeholders and the employees for a change. This book is a wonderful roadmap to innovate a company dynamically in terms of the productivity, the interactive comm unication and the customer satisfaction."
— Takashi Masumoto, regional Six Sigma Leader and Six Sigma trainer, General Electric, Japan (As of June 30, 2003)

"This is a breakthrough synthesis of the best of cutting-edge practices for improving organizational performance. Tom Devane has developed a practical handbook for leaders, internal change agents, and consultants, clearly laying out the key principles and methods for achieving improvements that are both dramatic and sustainable. He describes an integrated, comprehensive approach that achieves greater results by building ownership for the change throughout the organization, while implementing process improvement methods and tools, and building the core competencies required for implementation. The result is a roadmap for successful change that will work the first time around, start producing results quickly, and continue to work reliably into the future of the organization."
— Saul Eisen, coordinator, Psychology Master's Program in Organization Development at Sonoma State University

"Development of high potential organization requires dedication, innovation and a set of proven processes. Tom Devane has given the tools to any company that wants to become a high quality and performance organization."
— Gary Hunt, vice president human resources, administration, and MIS, Operational Management International, Inc. (Baldrige Award Winner in 2000)

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