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What's Up in Science?: Puzzles and Problem-Solving Activities to Build Science Literacy, Grades 6-10

ISBN: 978-0-7879-7003-1
256 pages
September 2004, Jossey-Bass
Packed with fun-filled word scrambles, categorization tasks, and writing activities, What’s Up in Science? will develop critical thinking and analytical skills in your students. While solutions are provided for the puzzle exercises, some of the problems are open-ended and have no definitive answers, showing that scientific inquiry generates tough questions and that knowledge changes as new evidence becomes available.
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Section 1: Preserved Evidence of Past Life.

1. What Fossils Have to Say: Fossil secrets.

2. Long-Ago Life Forms Multicellular organisms.

3. Footprints from the Past: Fossil imprints.

4. Early Wings: Bird-dinosaur–link mystery.

5. Two Steps Ahead of the Rest: New lizard discovery.

6. Dinosaur-Snacking Crocodile: Super Croc.

7. Awesome Dinosaur: The Apatosaurus.

8. Even More Dinosaurs: Two massive ancient reptiles.

9. Mast from the Past: Protecting fossil bones.

10. North American Mammal Mystery: Disappearing mammals.

11. Fossils on Hold: Fossils alive and well.

12. Let’s Ban Man: Human causes of extinction.

Challenge Activities (10 items).

Section 2: Early Human Life on Earth.

13. New Face from an Old Skull: Oldest human ancestor(?).

14. Who Ate My Kangaroo? Early human appetites.

15. Early Artists Show Their Skill: Art from the start.

16. Egyptian Cave Art: Real or fake?

17. Early Man Appears: Iceman and Kennewick Man.

18. Keeping the Past Alive: Ancient ruins’ preservation.

Challenge Activities (7 items).

Section 3: Getting to Know the Lithosphere.

19. Leaving the Lava Behind 1: Mayon volcano (Philippines).

20. Leaving the Lava Behind 2: Mt. Nyiragongo (Rwanda).

21. Volcano Secrets: Volcanics (Baja California).

22. Earthquakes 1: Earthquake news.

23. Earthquakes 2: More earthquake data.

24. Nature’s Quake Predictors: Geyser mystery.

25. Glacier Alert 1: All about glaciers.

26. Glacier Alert 2: More glacier information.

27. Inner Space Travel: From erosion to caves.

28. Mapping in Outer and Inner Space: Mapping techniques.

29. Global Positioning System: Satellite Navigation Network.

Challenge Activities (11 items).

Section 4: Listening to the Environment.

30. Chromium 6 on Trial: A most harmful chemical.

31. Mercury Menace: Mercury poisoning.

32. Global Warming Warning 1: Global warming trends.

33. Global Warming Warning 2: Global warming trends.

34. Ocean Currents and Weather: El Niño/La Niña.

35. Pollution Problem: Air pollution.

36. Pollution Solution: Technology advancements.

37. Forever Organisms: Preventing extinction.

Challenge Activities (9 items).

Section 5: Ocean Features and Related Creatures.

38. Save the Coral: Coral reef restoration.

39. Lost City Found: Hydrothermal vents.

40. Island Under Water: Submerged island.

41. Don’t Go Near the Water: Beach pollution.

42. Fate of the Fish: Pollution/Overfishing.

43. Microbes from Across the Sea: Ballast water microbes.

44. Cormorants Under Siege: A fisheries pest.

45. The No-Wimp Shrimp: Mantis shrimp.

46. Jellyfish on the Rocks: Fossilized jellyfish.

47. Anemone by the Sea: Sea anemone.

48. Squid Freak from Down Deep: New discovery.

49. Stingless Stingrays: De-barbing stingrays.

50. Plight of the Sturgeon: Sturgeon problem.

51. Predator Challenge: Predator cautions.

52. The Sea Otter’s Dilemma: Endangered species.

53. Sea Lions Take Charge: Nuisance at sea.

54. A Whale of a Tale: Ancient swimmers.

Challenge Activities (11 items).

Section 6: What’s Happening in Space?

55. Taking on the Universe: Examining the universe.

56. New Planets in Town: Recent finds.

57. Mars: A Watery World? Search for water.

58. Asteroid Probes Coming Up: Asteroid data.

59. Eros: Space Mountain Asteroid: Asteroid study.

60. Paranoid Rhymes with Asteroid: Asteroid fears.

61. Twenty-Two and Counting: Saturn surprise.

62. The Moons of Jupiter: Recent discoveries.

63. Meteor Trails and Comet Tales: Meteors/Comets.

64. Meteorite Mysteries: Meteorite information.

65. From Stars to Galaxies: Star data.

66. Telescopes and Beyond: MAXIM/SOFIA.

Challenge Activities (12 items).

Section 7: Life on Land and Water.

67. As the Worm Turns: Worm discoveries.

68. It’s All About Ants: Ant stories.

69. Insects Two: Grasshopper/Cricket.

70. Where Have All the Froggies Gone? 1: Vanishing amphibians.

71. Where Have All the Froggies Gone? 2: Vanishing amphibians.

72. The California Condor Comeback 1: Condor rescue.

73. The California Condor Comeback 2: Condor rescue.

74. Rodent Roundup 1: Mostly rats.

75. Rodent Roundup 2: Meet meadow mouse.

76. The Smallest of Critters: Mouse lemurs.

Challenge Activities (10 items).

Section 8: What’s Up in Genetic Science?

77. Genetic Review: Genetic terms.

78. From One Gene to Another 1: A look at genes.

79. From One Gene to Another 2: A look at genes.

80. Designer Catfish: “Customized” catfish.

81. Biotech Foods: Genetically modified organisms.

82. Human Stem Cells: Stem cell concerns.

83. Human Genome: A chromosome gathering.

84. What About Cloning? Cloning issues.

Challenge Activities (8 items).

Section 9: Timely Real-Life Topics of Concern.

85. Environmental Pollution 1: Student comments.

86. Environmental Pollution 2: Student comments.

87. The Decreasing Fish Population: Student comments.

88. Whale Concerns 1: Student comments.

89. Whale Concerns 2: Student comments.

90. Dealing with Dolphins: Student comments.

91. The Cold Facts About Cryonics: Student comments.

Riddles for the Asking.

Answer Key.

Riddles Answer Key.

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Robert G. Hoehn has taught earth science, physical science, and biology in the Roseville Joint Union High School District of California since 1963. He uses wit and humor daily as an educational tool. Author of numerous publications, including Science Puzzlers from Jossey-Bass, he counts seven National Summer Science grants from the National Science Foundation among his many accomplishments.
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“For a secondary-school science teacher, looking for a source of paper-pencil activities and puzzles, this book will be a gold mine. The activities involve spelling, vocabulary, and mathematics, related to a variety of biological and earth science topics.”
--Jacqueline V. Mallinson, associate professor of science, retired, Western Michigan University

“This is effortless learning that will turn on the quirky minds of upper elementary through high school explorers. A book that puts thinking back into the science curriculum. It will awaken the true scientists put off by years of pat answers. This book shows students that there really is a lot new to learn out there.”
--Kate Carr, Discovery Science Center, Fort Collins, Colorado

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