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Coaching and Counseling: A Download from 20 Active Training Programs, Volume 1

ISBN: 978-0-7879-7005-5
19 pages
May 2003, Pfeiffer
Coaching and Counseling: A Download from 20 Active Training Programs, Volume 1 (0787970050) cover image


This program is designed to increase a manager's skills as a coach and as a counselor. It gives equal weight to affective, behavioral, and cognitive aspects of the topics of coaching and counseling. Participants are asked to examine their own feelings about coaching and counseling, to practice key skills, and to acquire a basic understanding of when and why those skills are necessary. Includes guided exercises and activities.


  • To understand the value of coaching and counseling in a manager?s work
  • To learn how to determine when to coach and when to counsel
  • To examine how their personalities affect the coaching/counseling roles
  • To develop basic competence in applying coaching and counseling skills

Group Size: Any size

Time Required: 1 day

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Author Information

MEL SILBERMAN, Ph.D., is president of Active Training, a provider of cutting-edge training seminars, including Surefire Ways to Make Your Meetings Active and The Consummate Team Facilitator. He is also a professor of adult and organizational development at Temple University, as well as a best-selling author. His recent books include 101 Way to Make Training Active (Pfeiffer, 1995), Active Learning (Allyn & Bacon, 1996), Active Training (2nd Ed.) (Pfeiffer, 1998). Dr. Silberman has consulted for hundreds of corporate, governmental, educational, and human service organizations worldwide. He is also a popular speaker at professional conferences.
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