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The 60-Minute Active Training Series: How to Encourage Constructive Feedback from Others, Leader's Guide

ISBN: 978-0-7879-7350-6
32 pages
December 2004, Pfeiffer
The 60-Minute Active Training Series: How to Encourage Constructive Feedback from Others, Leader


Constructive feedback is an essential part of learning, growth, and performance. Too often, though, feedback is withheld. How to Encourage Constructive Feedback from Others, Leader’s Guide from the popular 60- Minute Active Training Series offers facilitators a ready-made, effective one-hour program that teaches participants how to useful feedback from others.Specifically, participants will be introduced to and learn how to apply, the four fundamental strategies that open up people at work to exchange honest and constructive feedback:
  • Invite others to give feedback that’s really wanted
  • Develop an on-going commitment to feedback
  • Take into account the needs of the person on the giving end
  • Keep the focus on the future, not the past
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Table of Contents


Program Overview.

Program Outline.

Program Directions.

Facilitation Tips.


About the Authors.

Pfeiffer Publications Guide.

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Author Information

Mel Silberman is president of Active Training in Princeton, New Jersey, a consulting firm that provides courses on active training techniques, interpersonal intelligence, and team facilitation. He is the author and coauthor of the best-selling books, Active Training, 101 Ways to Make Training Active, and PeopleSmart.

Freda Hansburg is vice president of Active Training and coauthor of PeopleSmart.

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"In less time than it takes to go out to lunch, participants gain valuable knowledge, master practical techniques, and acquire skills immediately applicable to personal or professional situations. Practical, participative, producing results—what more could any trainer or performance-improvement technologist want?"
--Elaine Biech, author, Training for Dummies
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