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The Substitute Teaching Survival Guide, Grades 6-12: Emergency Lesson Plans and Essential Advice

ISBN: 978-0-7879-7411-4
144 pages
February 2005, Jossey-Bass
The Substitute Teaching Survival Guide, Grades 6-12: Emergency Lesson Plans and Essential Advice (0787974110) cover image


When substitute teachers are assigned to a classroom, they often have no directions, no lessons plans, no information and little hope of success.  The Substitute Teaching Survival Guide offers substitute (and regular) teachers of grades 6-12 a welcome resource for planning and implementing a productive day of student learning. The Substitute Teaching Survival Guide is filled with helpful suggestions and tips for maintaining order in the classroom and includes 67 ready-to-use emergency lesson plans for language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science targeted for students in grades 6-12. Written for both the experienced and novice substitute teacher, the book also includes 152 suggestions and a daily outline of activities. The book can also be used by regular classroom teachers and principals who want to plan ahead for classroom absences, or by anyone who has to quickly cover a class.  
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Table of Contents


1. The Role of the Substitute Teacher.

2. Discipline.

3. Lesson Plans.

4. Your Comfort Level.

5. The Importance of Substitute Teaching.

6. Is Substituting for You?

7. Emergency Lesson Plans.

8. English Lesson Plans.

9. Math Lesson Plans.

10. Science Lesson Plans.

11. Social Studies Lesson Plans.


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Author Information

John Dellinger, a recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, is a retired Denver Public School teacher who taught for 28 years at the middle and high school levels. After retiring in 1992, he was a substitute teacher for seven years before shifting his major focus from teaching to writing.
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The Wiley Advantage

  • A unique book for substitutes with its 80 ready-to-use lesson plans for all subject areas and grade levels 6-12.
  • Offers key suggestions for discipline and classroom management.
  • A crucial resource for the millions of substitute teachers who are called to the classroom every day with little or no training or preparation.
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