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Her Place at the Table: A Woman's Guide to Negotiating Five Key Challenges to Leadership Success

ISBN: 978-0-7879-7682-8
256 pages
August 2004, Jossey-Bass
Her Place at the Table: A Woman


Advice for women from women for negotiating their own leadership careers

This is a practical guide for any woman dealing with a demanding role. Drawing on extensive interviews with women leaders, the authors isolate five key challenges: Intelligence; Backing; Resources; Buy-In; and Making a Difference. The three expert authors reveal what women have to teach us about the challenges and opportunities of leadership. As Tom Peters said of this book, "Women roar . . . . will help individual women negotiate what they need to success as leaders and help their firms support them in their efforts. That way we all win!"

  • Describes five key actions for leadership success: Drill Deep, Start from Strength, Assemble the Building Blocks, Gather Momentum, and Make Your Mark
  • Filled with prescriptive advice and a wide range of approaches for helping women with leadership challenges
  • Lead authors wrote the The ShadowNegotiation, which was then released in paperback as Everyday Negotiation

The book includes interviews with high-profile women leaders including Ann Moore (CEO of Time Inc.), Ann Mulcahy (CEO of Xerox), and Harvard's Rosabeth Moss Kanter.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Taking Your Place at the Leadership Table: It’s Still a Test.

Chapter 1: Drill Deep: Negotiating the Intelligence for Informed Decisions.

Chapter 2: Mobilize Backers: Negotiating for Critical Support.

Chapter 3: Garner Resources: Negotiating Key Allocations.

Chapter 4: Bring People on Board: Negotiating Buy-In.

Chapter 5: Make a Difference: The Big Challenge.

Appendix A: A Road Map to Negotiating the Five Challenges.

Appendix B: What Organizations Can Learn from How Women Leaders Negotiate the Five Challenges.




About the Authors.


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Author Information

Deborah M. Kolb is professor of management at Simmons Graduate School of Management and former executive director of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School.

Judith Williams, former investment banker, is coauthor with Deborah Kolb of Everyday Negotiation from Jossey-Bass.

Carol Frohlinger is an attorney and consultant to corporations on the retention and advancement of women.
Kolb, Williams, and Frohlinger are principals in The Shadow Negotiation, LLC (www.theshadownegotiation.com), an e-learning company that provides negotiation training designed for women.

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“Does she have the right stuff? That question follows women whenever they are promoted to visible leadership positions. Her Place at the Table lays out the pragmatic moves that can help any woman in business show she has the right stuff. I encourage all women with leadership aspirations to use this book as a guide.”
—Patricia Fili-Krushel, executive vice president, Time Warner

“Women roar—they are the leaders we need in corporations today but there are still some barriers. This book will help individual women negotiate what they need to succeed as leaders and help their firms support them in their efforts. That way we all win!”
—Tom Peters, management consultant and author,Re-imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age

“This is an important book for any woman who wants to do good—for herself and for her organization.”
—Ann Richards, former Governor of Texas

“Nothing is more vital for women than learning how to negotiate from our strengths. The authors know the hurdles women face--but, better still, they show how we can overcome them.”
—Margaret Heffernan, CEO and author, The Naked Truth: A Working Woman’s Manifesto on Business and What Really Matters

"Women leaders will want this book in their briefcases. It's got all the nuts-and-bolts strategies they need to succeed. Actually, men should read this book if they hope to keep up!"
--Betty Spence, president, National Association of Female Executives

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