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Beyond E-Learning: Approaches and Technologies to Enhance Organizational Knowledge, Learning, and Performance

ISBN: 978-0-7879-7757-3
400 pages
November 2005, Pfeiffer
Beyond E-Learning: Approaches and Technologies to Enhance Organizational Knowledge, Learning, and Performance (0787977578) cover image


A follow-up to his best-selling E-Learning, Beyond E-Learning explains the most current thinking on how organizations learn and apply what they know to be successful, and explores the increasingly important role that technology plays, not as an end in itself but as a vital means to get there. The book also provides a clear path for helping to integrate learning—including e-learning—knowledge management, and performance support, and will help training professionals and the organizations they serve go beyond common myths and misconceptions about training and e-learning, focus training/learning activities directly on organizational know-how, and implement a framework that can (at last) be a catalyst for true organizational learning.
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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations.

Foreword (David Holcombe).


Introduction: Getting the Most from This Book.

Part One: Beyond E-Training.

1. Myths and Warning Signs.

2. Learning, E-Learning, and the Smart Enterprise.

Part Two: Beyond the Classroom.

3. Building a Learning and Performance Architecture.

4. Knowledge Management in Action.

5. Learning Through Online Collaboration.

6. Learning and Performance in the Context of Work.

7. True Telecom’s Story.

Part Three: Beyond Learning.

8. Making the Change Happen, and Making It Stick.

9. Championing Learning.

10. From E-Learning to Learning to Performance.

Afterword: E-Learning: Advancing Toward What Will Be (John Larson).

Appendix A: Nine E-Learning Warning Signs.

Appendix B: Knowledge Management Features, Functionalities, and Challenges.

Appendix C: Collaboration Technologies.

Appendix D: Primary Knowledge Management Development Activities.

Appendix E: Sample Change Management and Communications Plan.

Appendix F: E-Learning Readiness Assessment: Executive Team Alignment.

Appendix G: Additional Resources.

About the Author.


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New to This Edition

Rosenberg demystifies many myths about e-learning and organizational learning and addresses the most significant advances in e-learning in the past years.
  • Written a leading guru in the field.
  • Brings training, e-learning, knowledge management and other approaches into the business mainstream. 
  • Explains new thinking into how organizations learn and apply what they know, and how technology plays an increasingly important role in making it all happen.
  • Contains success stories, case studies, and features short, mini-essays by some of the most prominent leaders in the field including Allison Rossett, Gloria Gery, Elliot Masie, Geary Rummler, and various CLOs from top companies, among others. 
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"Marc Rosenberg offers a bold vision for the future of corporate learning that clearly shows how our intellectual technologies can most effectively integrate with hardware and software technology. Rosenberg illustrates his vision with case studies of effective, working examples that are already in use. A must-read for all who want to stay on the leading edge of corporate learning." —Saul Carliner, assistant professor, Graduate Program in Educational Technology, Concordia University, Montreal

"Once again, Marc Rosenberg is ahead of the crowd. Beyond E-Learning is a powerful business book masquerading as a training book. If you read only one book on getting results this year, make it Beyond E-Learning." —Jay Cross, CEO, Internet Time Group

"Marc Rosenberg’s work is the greatest concentration of contemporary wisdom and experience around e-learning to date – including his own and that of the most seasoned professionals who truly make performance happen. Beyond E-Learning will therefore make better decision-makers of leaders such as CEOs, CFOs and CTOs and, equally, will make better managers and practitioners of those charged with ensuring organizational performance through human performance."—Gary J. Dickelman, president and CEO, EPSScentral LLC

Once again, Marc Rosenberg has written a “must read” book for those involved not only in e-learning in their organization, but anyone who must understand how to improve workforce productivity. Beyond E-Learning is a roadmap that will help you find your way through the ever changing, ever expanding, ever evolving phases of learning and performance improvement."—Heidi Fisk, executive director, The eLearning Guild

"Context is everything and in Beyond E-Learning Marc Rosenberg sets the context to put technologies, techniques and deliverables into perspective. The perspective should drive rich strategy development that extends beyond simplistic uses of electronic resources. It also stimulates the creative thinking necessary for true change in how we create and support performance and learning."—Gloria Gery, Gery Associates Consultant, and strategist in EPSS and Performance-Centered Design

"Another winner from Marc Rosenberg!  Beyond E-Learning shows you the best ways to combine technology, learning and collaboration to deliver improved workforce performance within your organization."—Victoria Macdonald, e-learning strategist, BMW Group

"Learning technology is rapidly becoming viewed as ‘mission-critical’ in progressive organizations, and is one of the few technologies that touches not only every employee in an organization, but often several audiences in the extended enterprise of partners, distributors, suppliers and customers. In Beyond E-Learning, Marc Rosenberg provides readers – whether you are a business leader, training professional or a student of the field – with the processes and concepts you need in order to be prepared for this new era of using learning as a strategic advantage."—Kevin Oakes, president, SumTotal Systems, Inc.

"If you are interested in improving organizational effectiveness and business results, Beyond E-Learning is a must! Marc Rosenberg offers a wealth of practical suggestions on such topics as workplace learning, change management, and leadership, all of which add up to a road map for successful performance improvement efforts."—Robert Reiser, Distinguished Teaching Professor and program leader, Instructional Systems Program, Florida State University

"Few books train, educate and motivate. Beyond E-Learning does all that with ideas, stories and examples—moving the profession in the directions that matter." —Allison Rossett, Professor, San Diego State University

"Packed with lists, processes, and procedures—each chapter is a stand-alone reference for a significant facet of learning and performance. A must-have resource to keep in the center of your desk."—George Selix, PhD., senior vice president, Learning and Organizational Effectiveness, Consumer Real Estate, Bank of America

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