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Training Older Workers and Learners: Maximizing the Workplace Performance of an Aging Workforce

ISBN: 978-0-7879-8117-4
424 pages
December 2006, Pfeiffer
Training Older Workers and Learners: Maximizing the Workplace Performance of an Aging Workforce (0787981176) cover image
Training Older Workers and Learners is a groundbreaking resource that focuses exclusively on age 40-plus workers. This much-needed resource offers trainers expert guidance and practical tools designed to deliver effective training and re-training to older worker-learners (OWLS). Based on sound theory and best practices, the book shows how to maximize the workplace learning and performance potential of late-life learners.
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List of Figures, Tables, and Performance Support Tools.

Benefits Statement.



PART 1: Make Way for the OWLS.

Chapter 1: The OWLS Are Here.

Chapter 2: OWLS as Workers.

Chapter 3: OWLS as Retirees—Or Not.

Chapter 4: OWLS as Learners.

Appendix 4.1: Competencies for Older Workplace Learners (William J. Rothwell).

PART 2: OWLS in Transition.

Chapter 5: OWLS in Search of Wisdom: Cognitive Development.

Chapter 6: OWLS in Search of Knowledge: Learning Styles and Challenges.

Chapter 7: OWLS in Search of Self: Psychosocial Transitions.

Chapter 8: OWLS in Search of Function: Physiological Development.

Chapter 9: OWLS in Search of Well-Being: Health, Wellness, and Leisure.

PART 3: Transforming OWLS.

Chapter 10: OWLS in Action: Sharing Experience and Motivation.

Chapter 11: OWLS on Teams: Collaborating to Learn.

Chapter 12: OWLS on the Job: Learning with the Workflow.

Chapter 13: Live OWLS: Learning in the Classroom.

Chapter 14: Virtual OWLS: Computerized, On the Web, At a Distance, Digitized.

Chapter 15: Collaborating with OWLS.



About the Authors.


About the Series Editors.

About the Advisory Board Members.

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James L. Moseley is associate professor of instructional technology at Wayne State University College of Education. He teaches program evaluation and human performance technology courses and advises graduate students at the doctoral level.

Joan Conway Dessinger is a senior consultant and founder of The Lake Group, a consulting firm that specializes in analyzing, designing, developing, and evaluating workplace learning and performance interventions.

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"This is an essential book for our times. . . . almost every organizational leader should be striving to better understand, develop, and retain older, mature workers."
—G. Joseph Vrazo, strategic human resource manager, Delphi Corporation

"An informative and practical overview of effectively utilizing human capital across the generations."
—Scott Pitts, director of grant support services, Chippewa Valley Schools, Clinton Township, Michigan

"Moseley and Dessinger offer insights in this text that will equip IT, HPT, and management professionals to utilize older-learner-friendly training interventions and performance support tools."
—David W. Shall, marketing and sales vice president, Choctaw-Kaul Distribution Company

"The authors describe how best to maximize the abilities of older workers and how to best change our view of work and retirement."
—Peter A. Lichtenberg, director and professor of psychology, psychiatry and behavioral neurosciences and physical medicine and rehabilitation, The Institute of Gerontology, Wayne State University

"This book will be an asset to anyone interested in identifying strategies and tactics necessary for maximizing their human resources."
—Jeffrey G. Trzeciak, university librarian, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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