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Lunch and Learn: Creative and Easy-to-Use Activities for Teams and Work Groups

ISBN: 978-0-7879-8160-0
240 pages
October 2005, Pfeiffer
Lunch and Learn: Creative and Easy-to-Use Activities for Teams and Work Groups (0787981605) cover image


Lunch and Learn is filled with ready-to-use activities designed for full-time trainers, managers, team leaders, supervisors, and anyone else who acts as a trainer within their organization. The activities are on-the-job learning sessions that explore targeted topics relevant to almost any team or group. Each of the 25 sessions is a short 55-minute learning experience that is based on the best principles of discussion and reflection, creative thinking, problem solving, and action planning. All the book’s activities are organized in a step-by-step fashion and include everything a session leader needs to conduct a successful learning event, from discussion starters and activity handouts through suggestions for wrapping up the session.
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Getting the Most from This Resource.


1. e-Communication.

2. Feedback.

3. Information.

4. Listening.


5. Customer Differentiation.

6. Customer Expectations.

7. Customer Satisfaction.

8. Customer Service Training.

9. Customer Training.


10. Change.

11. Ethics.

12. Goals.

13. Priorities.

14. Recognition and Rewards.


15. Conflict Management.

16. Creativity.

17. Self-Directed Learning.

18. Time Management.

19. Valuing Differences.


20. Alignment.

21. Building a Team.

22. Needs of Team Members.

23. Strategies of Teamwork.

24. Team Resources.

25. Team Vision.

About the Author.

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Author Information

Carolyn Nilson is a recognized expert in the field of training. Her professional background includes roles in executive, management, consulting, and organizational development. A prolific writer, Nilson is the author of more than 30 books on the topic of training.
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