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From Analysis to Evaluation: Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Trainers

ISBN: 978-0-7879-8201-0
320 pages
April 2008, Pfeiffer
From Analysis to Evaluation: Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Trainers (0787982016) cover image


In this new book from the author of e-Learning on a Shoestring and Better than Bullet Points, Jane Bozarth has gathered a wealth of tools from leading training practitioners. Anyone—from the interested manager to the experienced training professional—can depend on this book when designing or delivering training. This single book contains all the valuable tools of the trade: worksheets for assessing training needs and writing goals and objectives; checklists for organizing the venue; and tools for analysis and structuring content. This remarkable resource also includes instant evaluation and measurement surveys, which can be customized freely from the companion website. In addition, Bozarth includes a wealth of invaluable advice for trainers at all levels on how to make effective use of props, staying energized, marketing training programs, and other things they don't tell you in train-the-trainer courses.
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xvii

Preface xix

Introduction 1

Tool 1. ADDIE Wheel 7

CHAPTER 1: Analyze 9

Data Collection 10

Tool 2. Data-Gathering Strategies 11

What's the Problem? 12

Tool 3. Grid: Is It a Training Problem? 13

Tool 4. Training Assistance Request Worksheet 15

Tool 5. Twenty Questions You Should Always Ask Before Starting Any Training Program 16

Tool 6. Needs Analysis for Training Courses 18

Tip. Saying "No." 22

Job, Task, and Skills Analysis 23

Tool 7. Job/Content Analysis 24

Tool 8. Task Analysis Form 25

Tool 9. Skills Chart 27

Analysis: Learners 30

Tool 10. Learner Characteristics 31

Tool 11. Learner Technology Skills 33

Tool 12. Existing Training: Who Gets What? 36

Synthesizing and Reporting Data 37

Tool 13. Training Analysis Recap for Trainer 38

Tool 14. Analysis Report Template 42

Chapter 1 Wrap-Up 44

Analysis: The REAL Story Versus the Sacred Story 44

Tips for Achieving Management Commitment to Training Solutions 45

Tool 15. World's Quickest Training Needs Analysis 47

Additional Suggested Resources 50

CHAPTER 2: Design 51

Tool 16. Find Your 20 Percent 52

Developing Objectives 53

Tips for Creating Objectives: Rules of Thumb and Common Errors 54

Tool 17. Types of Objectives: Seven Levels 55

Tool 18. Writing Objectives: Worksheet 57

Testing 58

Tip. Why Test? 59

Tool 19. Tie Test Items to Objectives 61

Tool 20. Checklist for Culturally Unbiased Test Item Construction 63

Choosing a Delivery Format 64

Tool 21. Delivery Selection Flowchart 65

Tool 22. Traditional or "E"? Or Both? 66

Course Design and Lesson Planning 68

Tool 23. Course Design Worksheet 69

Creating Lesson Plans 76

Tool 24. Lesson Plan Checklist and

Content Matrix for Lesson Planning 77

Tool 25. Lesson Plan Template A: Overview Format 79

Tool 26. Lesson Plan Template B: Outline Format 81

Storyboarding Tools 83

Tip: Storyboarding e-Learning with PowerPoint 84

Tool 27. Storyboard Template A: PowerPoint Format 85

Tool 28. Storyboard Template B: Word Format 86

Cost and Time Estimators 88

Tool 29. "Rule of Thumb" Costs for Training 89

Tool 30. Training Design Time Estimate Worksheet 93

Tool 31. e-Learning Design Time Estimator 95

Project Planning 96

Tool 32. Training Project Risk Assessment: "Quick and Dirty Risk" 97

Tool 33. e-Learning Project Plan Outline 98

Tool 34. Classroom Training Project Planning Outline 100

Tool 35. Project Planning Worksheet 104

Chapter 2 Wrap-Up 106

Tool 36. Fink's Principles of Good Course Design 107

Tips for Working with Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs) 108

Additional Suggested Resources 109

CHAPTER 3: Develop 111

Instructional Methods: Basics 112

Tool 37. Instructional Methods:

Advantages and Disadvantages 113

Tool 38. Choosing a Lecture 118

Tool 39. Choosing a Demonstration 120

Tool 40. Choosing a Discussion 122

Instructional Methods: Advanced Techniques 124

Tool 41. Using a Case Study 125

Tool 42. Using a Role Play 127

Tool 43. Getting the Most from the Stories You Use 133

Tool 44. The Job Aid Job Aid 135

Matching Methods to Learning Styles and Preferences 139

Tool 45. Activities for Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Preferences 140

Tool 46. Multiple Intelligences Activities 141

Tool 47. Multiple Intelligences Matrix 143

Tool 48. e-Learning Development Techniques: Mix It Up! 145

Developing Materials 146

Tips for Great Handouts 147

Tool 49. Evaluation Worksheet for Graphic Treatment 148

Developing Instructor Guides 150

Tool 50. How to Write an Instructor Guide 151

Tool 51. Sample Scripted Instructor Guide 154

Tool 52. Sample Outline Instructor Guide 156

Tool 53. Sample Overview Instructor Guide 158

Tool 54. Instructor Guide Template Using Icons 159

Tool 55. Instructor Guide Template: Synchronous Training 161

Tool 56. Instructor Guide Template: Teleconference 164

Tool 57. Instructor Guide Template for a

Video Conference Featuring a Guest Speaker 166

Tools and Tips for Online Training 169

Tips for What Learners Want: Developing

Successful Online Learning Programs 170

Tips for Creating Self-Paced Online Courses 172

Tool 58. Online Course Syllabus Template 173

Tool 59. Principles of Online Design Checklist 177

Chapter 3 Wrap-Up 180

Tool 60. Training Design Checklist: Quick Version 181

Tool 61. Training Design Checklist: Comprehensive Version 182

Additional Suggested Resources 184

CHAPTER 4: Implement 185

Critical Trainer Skills 186

5 Areas of Preparation 187

Tips for Giving Instructions 189

Incredible Credibility 190

The Seven Principles of Facilitation 192

Tool 62. Mapping Discussion Flow 197

Tips for Using Props in Training 200

Tips for Marketing Your Training Programs 201

Tips for Working with Multicultural Audiences 203

Tool 63. Trainer Skills Assessment 204

Dealing with Challenges 210

Tips. Delivering an Unpopular Message 211

When Diffi cult Issues Threaten Training 213

Tips for Handling Challenging Learner Behaviors 216

Trainer Self-Preservation and Self-Development 218

Tool 64. Training Logistics Action Items 219

Tool 65. Training Program/Activity Worksheet 221

Tool 66. Speaker/Presentation Information Worksheet 225

Tool 67. Trainer's Planner for Offsite Training 228

Trainer Self-Preservation: Five Ideas for Taking Charge of Your Recharging 230

Tool 68. Best Books for Trainers 232

Tips for the Lone Ranger Trainer 234

Things They Don't Tell You in Train-the-Trainer Courses 235

Additional Suggested Resources 237

CHAPTER 5: Evaluate 239

Formative Evaluation 241

Tool 69. Formative Self-Evaluation Tool 242

Tool 70. Course Daily Refl ection 245

Tips for Formative Evaluation 246

Summative Evaluation: Client, Team, and Trainer Evaluation of Training 247

Tool 71. Post-Mortem: Client's Evaluation of Training Project 248

Tool 72. Post-Mortem: Team's Evaluation of the Training Project 250

Tool 73. Trainer's Evaluation of Session/Learners 254

Summative Evaluation: Learner Evaluation of Training 257

Tool 74. Learner Course Evaluation Template A: Overview 258

Tool 75. Learner Course Evaluation Template B: Narrative 260

Tool 76. Learner Course Evaluation Template C: Detailed 262

Course and Program Evaluation 265

Tool 77. Strategies for Evaluating Training Results 266

The Kirkpatrick Taxonomy for Evaluating Training Programs 269

What Is "ROI"? 270

Tool 78. Evaluating Training at Five Levels 272

Alternatives to Kirkpatrick? 275

Tool 79. Stuffl ebeam's CIPP Model of Evaluation 276

Additional Suggested Resources 281

List of Contributors 283

About the Editor 287

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Author Information

The Editor Jane Bozarth is e-learning coordinator for North Carolina state government's central personnel office. A popular conference presenter, she also reviews books for Training magazine's monthly "In Print" column. She is the author of e-Learning Solutions on a Shoestring and Better than Bullet Points also from Pfeiffer.

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