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Differentiated Instruction for the Middle School Math Teacher: Activities and Strategies for an Inclusive Classroom

ISBN: 978-0-7879-8468-7
252 pages
January 2008, Jossey-Bass
Differentiated Instruction for the Middle School Math Teacher: Activities and Strategies for an Inclusive Classroom (078798468X) cover image


Differentiated Instruction for the Middle School Math Teacher is a practical and easy-to-use resource for teaching a standards-based math curriculum to all learners. It gives you effective ways to present math concepts, shows how to provide opportunities for guided practice, and offers ideas for modifying the material to provide access to the same content standard for all students in the inclusive classroom. This book also contains key strategies for collaborating with other professionals, suggestions for involving the students' families by tying math concepts to students' everyday lives, and valuable assessment strategies.

The lessons in the book cover middle school math topics correlated to the standards of the National Council of Teachers of Math, ranging from numbers and operations to problem solving and reasoning. Each lesson includes:

  • Instructions for presenting the lesson to the whole class
  • Worksheets designed to help review and reinforce theconcepts presented in each lesson
  • A section on how to adapt the lesson for the inclusive classroom, including descriptions of different stations for different learners
  • A home-school connection with family-based everyday math activities
  • Suggestions for how to assess students' grasp of the concepts presented in the lesson
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Table of Contents

Part 1. Being Successful in the Inclusive Classroom
* Collaborating Effectively
* Preparing for Differentiated Learning
* Effective Teaching Strategies for Differentiating Instruction

Part 2. Math Activities for the Inclusive Middle School Classroom
* Numbers and Operations
* Algebra and Functions
* Geometry and Measurement
* Data Analysis and Probability
* Problem Solving and Reasoning

Answer Key

NCTM Standards Chart

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Author Information


Joan D'Amico, M.A., L.D.T.C., is a learning disabilities teacher and consultant in the Garfield School District in New Jersey.?She has over 15 years of experience as a learning disabilities teacher and consultant in both public and private schools, and also has a private practice as a learning disabilities specialist.??

Kate Gallaway has over 15 years of teaching experience and has worked with districts and teachers nationwide on differentiated instruction for mathematics.? She is also the co-author of Managing Your Mathematics Classroom.

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The Wiley Advantage

  • An indispensable guide for students planning teach middle school
  • Provides the strategies and activities for an inclusive clasrom setting
  • Demonstrates how to teach a standards-based curriculum to all learners.
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Professor Reviews

“This is an all-inclusive resource for the inclusive math classroom. Worksheets and instructional strategies are tired together to offer quick preparation for teachers and success for all students. It gives practical application to the “one school, one curriculum” model and supports that fact that every student can learn mathematics – and enjoy it as well!” —Anna Sciacca, NJSFT President, Superintendent of Middle School Instruction, and Middle School Math Teacher at Garfield Middle School

“Activities based upon learning styles, math problems based in real life … this book is the combination of resources that every middle school math teacher has been looking for!” —Dorothy Sherwood, Principal, Shuyler-Colfax Middle School, Wayne, NJ

“As a School Psychologist, program developer, and consultant to teachers, this book provides an excellent variety of approaches to teaching that allows effective collaboration by all parts of an IEP team. I love the way this book individualizes activities to use with all types of students. The activities are developed to be fun, interesting, and practical for everyone.” —Melissa Timochko, School Psychologist, Garfield Public Schools, Garfield, NJ 

“This book provides important background information for teachers, which will help them to understand the rolls of team members as well as how a student evaluation comes to fruition. The book also provides the teachers with math activities that the students can relate to because the problems incorporate things that the students are familiar with. The lessons also assist the teacher so that the lessons can be adapted for all different levels of learning.” —Beth E. Tecchio, School Social Worker, Garfield Child Study Team, Garfield, New Jersey

“This text is a valuable tool that bridges the gap between theoretical constructs and practical classroom application for the Middle School math teacher.”  —Dr. Frank Roscoe, Special Education Supervisor, Garfield, New Jersey

“This is a valuable resource for all teachers to help a diverse population of students to succeed in a common classroom!” —Marilyn Martorano, Thomas Jefferson Middle School

“Joan and Kate’s book is the answer to a child study team member’s prayer. Immediately after hearing that a child is classifiable, the first question from parents and teachers is “what do we do?” Joan and Kate have answered that question more completely than any previous educator, with an abundance of interesting and appropriate lessons for students with a variety of learning strengths and weaknesses. This book was a long time in coming but totally worth the wait. I recommend it to anyone who works with children.” —Anne Gunar, L.C.S.W., social worker, child study team, Bergen County Special Services

“D’Amico and Gallaway’s book shows great depth and understanding of the learning needs of all students. The book includes many insights and activities designed to build self esteem and make learning fun!” Anthony Rufo, Independent Teacher/Tutoring Business

“This book is an excellent reference which includes all the components necessary to enable all different types of learners to maximize their academic potential! A great reference book for new teachers!”Reverend John S. Lange, S.J., former university administrator and member of professional faculty, University of Scanton

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