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What Would You Do? A Game of Ethical and Moral Dilemma, Participant Workbook

ISBN: 978-0-7879-8538-7
32 pages
December 2007, Pfeiffer
What Would You Do? A Game of Ethical and Moral Dilemma, Participant Workbook (0787985384) cover image
What Would You Do? is an interactive game that offers you a hands-on group experience that explores some of the core concepts of teamwork and ethical decision making.

The Participant Workbook contains the eight decision-making scenarios that make up the What Would You Do? game, and includes scoring and response charts, a score sheet, and discussion and learning application pages.

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Playing the Game.

Directions for Playing a Round.

Sample Scoring.

Scenario 1: Prisoner’s Dilemma.

Scenario 2: On the Right.

Scenario 3: Kick Back and Relax.

Scenario 4: Inside Out.

Scenario 5: By the Numbers.

Scenario 6: Fixing It Up.

Scenario 7: WhistleWhile YouWork.

Scenario 8: What You ‘‘Auto’’ Do.

Final Scoring Sheet.

Small Group Discussion.

Learning Insights.

Action Planning.

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Lorraine L. Ukens is the owner of Team-ing with Success, which specializes in team building and experiential learning. Her wide range of business experience is applied in designing, facilitating, and evaluating programs in a variety of human resource development areas. Ukens is the author of more than ten books, including the best-selling simulation, Lost in the Amazon and her most recent collection of activities, The New Encyclopedia of Group Activities, both from Pfeiffer. She received her M.S. degree from Towson University, where she taught as an adjunct faculty member from 1997 until 2005.

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