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Deeper Learning in Leadership: Helping College Students Find the Potential Within

Dennis C. Roberts, Helen S. Astin (Foreword by), Alexander W. Astin (Foreword by)
ISBN: 978-0-7879-8585-1
256 pages
September 2007, Jossey-Bass
Deeper Learning in Leadership: Helping College Students Find the Potential Within (0787985856) cover image
Deeper Learning in Leadership is a resource that is designed to show how leadership potential can be both broadened and deepened in our colleges and universities. Author Dennis Roberts proposes a new approach to learning about leadership development in higher education that recognizes innovative strategies are needed for the increasingly complex issues we face, both in higher education and in the broader landscape beyond the campus. He advocates that fostering deeper leadership will require educators to take a critical look at the organizational models and processes that characterize most contemporary colleges and universities. Roberts includes new models of learning and leadership, and provides summaries of widely used leadership theories as well as theories that are not as well known. He proposes a new perspective of leadership and a process of discovering leadership potential principles that educators can use to deepen students’ experiences.
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The Author.

1. Introduction and Potential of Deeper Learning.

2. Context of Leadership Learning.

3. Leadership Theory in Use.

4. Preparing Leadership for the Future.

5. Accessing Purpose and Voice for Deeper Leadership.

6. Leadership Program Design and Continuous Improvement.

7. Innovations to Deepen Leadership.

8. Challenges and Opportunities in Deepening Leadership.



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Dennis C. Roberts is associate vice president for student affairs, Miami University (Ohio). He is responsible for the student leadership, campus and community life programs, including career services, student activities, and fraternity and sorority life; as well as community engagement, service learning, and civic leadership.
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If you haven?t yet read Deeper Learning in Leadership: Helping College Students Find the Potential Within, a piece of you is missing. In this inspiring book, Dr. Denny Roberts addresses the questions and concerns that all educators face when creating an effective leadership development curriculum and forging a learning culture where academic inquiry influences the hearts and souls of students. I recommend this book for all leadership educators?on- or off-campus, novice or expert.

For new professionals in education and consulting, one of the most daunting tasks is to learn the history and development of the field. Dr. Roberts provides an informative and concise history of higher education administration and student life that applies widely to American colleges. His nimble description demystifies the traditional organizational structure of our higher education institutions and makes clear recommendations for improvement and change.

Deeper Learning in Leadership also provides extensive advice on creating and improving a leadership development program that begins with the basics (determining values and needs) and provides guidance through very advanced concepts (changing the culture of a campus to promote effective learning and leadership learning). Though the book focuses on leadership development programs, it discusses college campuses holistically and shares a vision of a campus that deliberately engages students in academic inquiry and personal, emotional and social development along every step of the way.

A book of this nature could easily be intimidating. But at only about 200 pages, this work is written in a way that leaves the reader feeling empowered and invigorated. Almost from the moment I started reading, I shuttered with joy (truly?joy!) at having stumbled upon such a valuable text. Every page reflects the sophisticated lessons learned over the course of Dr. Roberts? career. Every chapter feels like an intimate discussion with an established mentor. The book is at once an inspiration and a relief.

In short, no summary of this book could do it justice. Deeper Learning in Leadership is a worthwhile read for anyone interested or employed in higher education and/or leadership development. I know that I will reread this book many times throughout my career, that I will rely on it as a reference, and that it has provided me with a sturdy foundation for my own inquiry into the field of leadership. --Miles Ashlock, associate director for leadership development in the Office of Student Life at the University of California, Santa Barbara

"What a compelling synthesis pushing new and seasoned students of leadership to explore leadership at a deeper level! Roberts' thirty years of wisdom built on helping college students explore leadership leaps off every page."
—Susan R. Komives, coauthor of Exploring Leadership: For College Students Who Want to Make a Difference

"This book inspires and illuminates. It provides a profound synthesis and set of recommendations applicable to any campus on the ways we can use the special opportunities of college life to develop the next generations of leadership."
—Ronald A. Heifetz, co-founder, Center for Public Leadership, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

"Save yourself time and trouble—this book is a huge and trustworthy stepping-stone toward rethinking the formation of leadership in the context of higher education. Roberts has distilled a remarkable blend of historical perspective, contemporary theory, and current practice to inform and inspire the creation of mentoring environments that can make a positive difference—for the academy and for our world."
—Sharon Daloz Parks, author of Leadership Can Be Taught: A Bold Approach for a Complex World

"Bridging the gap between theory and practice, linking learning and leadership, this book is a must-read for all in the academic community committed to creating the best learning and leadership environment on their campuses."
—Cynthia Cherrey, president and chair of the board, International Leadership Association

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