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Creative Learning: Activities and Games That REALLY Engage People

ISBN: 978-0-7879-8740-4
260 pages
May 2007, Pfeiffer
Creative Learning: Activities and Games That REALLY Engage People (0787987409) cover image


Creative Learning is written by master trainer Bob Lucas, and offers a treasure trove of innovative and highly effective activities to simulate learning. The activities are tailor-made for trainers, presenters, and educators, and can be put to use in virtually any type of learning environment. Each activity offers a different approach to learning, but all are designed using a brain-based-learning approach that is proven to mentally or physically engage learners and enhance their learning experience.
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Table of Contents





SECTION 1: Getting Started.

1. Changing Paradigms.

2. Silent Engagement.

3. Sweet Anagrams.

Candy Types and Anagrams Solutions.

4. Fantasyland.

5. I Can Identify with That.

6. High Card.

7. What Were You Doing?

8. Meeting Nose to Nose.

9. Scavenger Hunt.

10. Making the Rules.

11. Characteristic Card Swap.

Characteristics for Card Swap.

12. Who Am I?

SECTION 2: Re-Energizing the Brain.

13. Putting Your Memory to Work.

Putting Your Memory to Work Handout.

14. Sentence Sense.

15. Brain Teasers.

Brain Teasers Handout.

Brain Teasers Answers.

16. Getting Down with the Sound.

17. Cross-Laterals.

18. What’s My Issue?

19. Let’s Get Together.

20. Pass It Along.

21. Team Scavenge.

Scavenger Hunt List.

22. Macarena Coaching.

SECTION 3: Interim Reviews.

23. Let Me Tell You a Story.

24. Pass the Pickle.

25. Balloon Review.

26. Roll of the Dice.

27. I’ve Got Your Number.

28. Take a Pick.

29. Let's "Eggs"amine This.

30. My Present to You.

31. Pop-Up Review.

32. Name It.

33. Please Give Me a Hand.

SECTION 4: Transfer of Learning.

34. It’s Very Simple.

It’s Very Simple: Scientist’s Role.

It’s Very Simple: Tribesperson’s Role.

35. I Can Describe That.

I Can Describe That: Handout A.

I Can Describe That: Handout B.

36. Putting Knowledge to Work.

37. Words to Live By.

Common Maxims and Proverbs.

38. Content Shuffle.

Sample Card Content.

39. What If. . .?

40. A Puzzling Matter.

Creating a Tangram.

Tangram Template.

Tangram Puzzles.

41. Picture This.

SECTION 5: Ending on a High Note.

42. Verbal Volleyball.

43. Pat on the Back.

44. Retention and Reaction.

45. A Postcard to Me.

46. We Can Sell This Idea.

47. Content Jeopardy.

Content Jeopardy Rules.

Sample Content Jeopardy Board Format.

48. Match It Up.

49. Concept BINGO!


50. In Summary.

51. The ABCs of It All.

52. Concentration Review.



About the Author.

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Author Information

Robert W. Lucas is the president of Creative Presentation Resources, Inc., a creative training and products company, and founding managing partner for Global Performance Strategies, LLC, an organization specializing in performance-based training, consulting services, and life planning seminars. A prolific writer, he is the author of numerous books and has been a contributor to several Pfeiffer publications.
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