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Instructor Excellence: Mastering the Delivery of Training, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-7879-8753-4
260 pages
February 2007, Pfeiffer
Instructor Excellence: Mastering the Delivery of Training, 2nd Edition (0787987530) cover image


When the first edition of Instructor Excellence was published in 1992, it became an instant bestseller among professionals who deliver and manage training. This thoroughly revised and updated second edition complements the timeless standards that made the first edition a classic as well as covers relevant developments in the design and delivery of training, including online and videoconferencing facilitation and current research on what sets exemplary instructors apart from the average.
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Table of Contents

List of Exhibits.

Contents of the CD-ROM.


Preface to the Second Edition.


Pretest: On What Issues Do You Need to Improve Your Excellence as an Instructor?

Part One: Building a Foundation for Excellence.

1. Making a Difference: The Impact of Excellent Instructors.

2. Articulating the Roles and Responsibilities of Instructors.

3. Selecting Instructors: A Skill-Based Approach.

4. Communicating Expectations for Instructor Performance.

Part Two: Mastering the Tools of Instructor Excellence: Sixty Standards of Performance.

5. Being a Well-Prepared Instructor.

6. Generating Abundant Classroom Participation.

7. Building Effective Presentation Skills.

8. Adhering to Course Content and Sequencing.

9. Asking and Responding to Questions.

10. Using Training Aids to Enhance Learning.

11. Collecting and Making Sense of Evaluation Data.

Part Three: Managing Instructor Excellence.

12. Observing Instructors and Providing Feedback.

13. Recognizing and Rewarding Instructors.

14. Developing Instructors and Their Careers.

15. Ensuring the Success of Instructors.


1. Typical Classroom Problems.

2. Competencies for Training Delivery and Instruction.



About the Authors.

How to Use the CD-ROM.

Pfieffer Publications Guide.

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Author Information

Bob Powers is the former president of Bob Powers & Associates, a consulting firm dedicated to improving human performance in the workplace. A contributor to the seminal Handbook of Human Performance Technology, Powers is a past president of the International Society for Performance Improvement.

William J. Rothwell is a professor of human resource development in the Department of Adult Education, Instructional Systems and Workforce Education and Development in the College of Education of the University Park Campus of The Pennsylvania State University. He has authored, coauthored, edited, or coedited nearly fifty books, including Practicing Organization Development and Mastering the Instructional Design Process.

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New to This Edition

  • Includes a focus on online and videoconferencing facilitation.
  • Contains up-to-date research on what sets exemplary instructors apart from the average.
  • Offers information on the changes in the trainer/instructor environment, technological advances, etc.
  • Contains a comprehensive and updated list of standards for instructor excellence.
  • Offers many new worksheets and tools for immediate use in the workplace and new information and tools on developing instructors and their careers.
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“Finally!  An update and expansion of Bob Powers’ outstanding performance standards for instructors. For years I’ve used those standards for myself and training trainers. The new pre-test, CD-ROM, and everything else in this book are all nuggets of knowledge for instructors.”--Julie O’Mara, past president, American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) and president, O’Mara and Associates


“For close to ten years Instructor Excellence spearheaded the implementation of performance standards within my organization, with phenomenal results. Employees, if trained following the performance standards laid out in this book, will perform with excellence.”--William Downing, former executive vice president and CFO, AT&T


“Look no further, Bob Powers’ book still sets the standard for instructor performance excellence.”--Roger M. Addison, CPT, past president, International Society for Performance Improvement; president, International Federation for Training Development Organizations, 2007 Certified in Performance Technology (CPT)


“I love this book!  I would like to see instructors and trainers everywhere apply the standards contained within. Our education system would be greatly enhanced.”--Simon Blattner, past chair, California College of the Arts and former CEO, Rittenhouse


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