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Ultrastructural Pathology: The Comparative Cellular Basis of Disease, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-8138-0330-2
1000 pages
June 2009, Wiley-Blackwell
Ultrastructural Pathology: The Comparative Cellular Basis of Disease, 2nd Edition (0813803306) cover image


Ultrastructural Pathology, Second Edition is a comprehensive reference on electron microscopy of pathologic tissue in animals and humans. Now presented in an atlas format for easier identification of organelles, the text is designed to bridge the gap between what is seen in the electron microscope at the cellular level and what the pathologist encounters in the postmortem room. New to this edition are sections on diagnostic electron microscopy, providing information on specialized technologies for electron microscopy, and invertebrate pathology. Emphasizing comparative pathology, the book explains and integrates all aspects of cellular changes in lesions occurring from natural or experimental disease.
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Table of Contents

PART I: Structural Basis of Cell Injury.

1. Cellular Response to Injury.

2. Cell Death.


3. Cell Defense & Recovery.


PART II: Organelle Pathology.

4. Cell Surface and Cytoskeleton.


5. Intracellular traffiking.


6. Organelles of Protein Synthesis.

7. Organ. of Lipid & Carb Metabolism.

8. Mitochondria.


PART III. Inflammation & Hemostasis.

9. Endothelium.

10. Leukocytes & Platelets.


11. Monocyte-macrophage system.


12. Fibroblasts, fibrosis and the ECM.


PART VI. Cytopath of Intracell Infect.

13. Viral diseases.


14. Bacterial disease.


15. Protozoal diseases.

16. Fungi and algae.


PART V. Toxic Diseases.

17. Hepatotoxicity.

18. Myotoxins.

19. Neurotoxicity.

20. Nephrotoxicity.

21. Pulmonary toxicity.


PART VI. Dysfunctional Growth & Neoplasia.

22. Cell Cycle: Regeneration & Aging.

23. Neoplasia.


PART VII. Diagnostic Pathology.

24. Calcification and Mineralization.

25. Pigments.

26. Protein Misfolding & Inclusion Bodies.

27. Storage diseases.

28. Arteriopathy.

29. Glomerulopathies.

30. Prion Diseases

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Author Information

Norman F. Cheville, DVM, PhD is Professor Emeritus of Veterinary Pathology at Iowa State University. Previously, he was Chair of the Department of Veterinary Pathology and Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University, and former Chief of Pathology at the National Animal Disease Center in Ames, Iowa.
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Comprehensive reference on electron microscopy of pathologic tissue

  • Emphasizes comparative pathology

  • Now presented in an atlas format for easier identification of organelles

  • New sections cover diagnostic electron microscopy and invertebrate pathology

  • Includes basic elements of description, including size, structure, and location within the cell, throughout

  • Illustrated with excellent electron micrographs

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"The reorganization of the book, with complete tables of infectious agents and updated references, and the addition of illustrations to display complex cellular processes contribute to the book's value as a reference text. I highly recommend this book as a valuable resource for students, researchers, pathologists, and veterinary health-care professionals." (Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, March 2010)

"This atlas has something for everyone: the student preparing for pathology boards, the bench pathologist, the diagnostician, and the toxicologic pathologist, just to name a few. This book, like the first edition, will be the gold standard desk reference for anyone who needs to interpret or confirm cellular changes from surgical or postmortem lesions." (Microscopy & Microanalysis, 2010)
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