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Whole Grains and Health

Len Marquart (Editor), David R. Jacobs, Jr. (Editor), Graeme H. McIntosh (Editor), Kaisa Poutanen (Editor), Marla Reicks (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-8138-0777-5
360 pages
February 2007, Wiley-Blackwell
Whole Grains and Health (0813807778) cover image
Whole Grains and Health presents a science-based discussion of whole grains and their expanding role in health and disease. An international collection of authors presents current perspectives on grains, the many opportunities for further research into whole grains and the remarkable growth potential for product development.

Coverage includes discussions on the health benefits of a diet rich in whole grains, the functional components of whole grains and the regulatory nuances of labeling grain products.

A unique feature is a section devoted to communicating with consumers. Barriers exist which affect consumer acceptance and use of whole-grain foods. Whole Grains and Health addresses those concerns and offers strategies for furthering research, product development and educational outreach.

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Part I. Introduction to Whole Grains and Health.

1. The Future of Whole Grains.

2. Using a Model of the Food and Nutrition System for Examining Whole Grain Foods from Agriculture to Health.

Part II. Whole Grains, Dietary Fiber, and Chronic Disease.

3. Whole Grains and Diabetes.

4. Whole Grains and Related Dietary Patterns in Relation to Weight Gain.

5. Whole Grains and Cardiovascular Disease.

6. Whole Grains and Cancer Prevention.

7. The Effects of Cereal Fibers on Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Risk.

Part III. Grain Technology and Health-related Outcomes.

8. Biochemistry and Compartmentalization of Cereal Grain Components and Their Functional Relationship to Mammalian Health.

9. Structure of Whole Grain Breads: Sensory Perception and Health Effects.

10. Aleurone: Processing, Nutrition, Product Development, and Marketing.

11. Active Components of Whole Grain Foods.

12. White Wheat: Biochemical and Sensory Characteristics of Bread.

13. Barley beta-glucan and Wheat Arabinoxylan Soluble Fiber Technologies for Health-promoting Bread Products.

14. Modulating Glycemia with Cereal Products.

15. Whole Grain Phytochemicals and Antioxidant Activity.

16. Alkylresorcinols as a Potential Biomarker for Whole Grain Wheat and Rye.

17. Resistant Starch as a Contributor to the Health Benefits of Whole Grains.

18. Influence of Germination Conditions on the Bioactivity of Rye.

Part IV. Whole Grains and Consumer and Regulatory Issues.

19. Barriers to the Consumption of Whole Grain Foods.

20. Consumer Acceptance of Refined and Whole Wheat Breads.

21. The Whole Grain Stamp Program.

22. Whole Grains and Consumers.

23. The Industry's Commitment to Whole Grains Education.

24. Industry Initiatives in Whole Grain Education.

25. Communicating with Consumers: Whole Grain Messaging.

26. Global Regulation, Labeling, Claims, and Seals: Perspectives and Guidelines.


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Len Marquart, PhD, RD is Assistant Professor in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN. David R. Jacobs, Jr, PhD is Professor, Division of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN. Graeme H. McIntosh, PhD is Senior Principal Research Scientist, Department of Medicine, Adelaide University, South Australia. Kaisa Poutanen is Research Professor in Food Technology, VTT Biotechnology and Director of Food and Health Research Institute Mediteknia, University of Kuopio, Finland. Marla Reicks, PhD, RD, LD is Professor and Extension Nutritionist in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN.
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  • Most current and comprehensive review of the biological, behavioral and technical sciences as they relate to whole-grain foods
  • Vital information for professionals vested in increasing the consumption of whole-grain foods
  • Details the health benefits of diets rich in whole grains
  • Internationally recognized editors and contributors
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"Overall, this book is a comprehensive and detailed reference guide to wholegrains and health, covering all the latest research as well as consumer and regulatory issues and opportunities for product development within the food industry. It should be a useful resource for nutritionists, dietitians and other health professionals with an interest in the health aspects of wholegrains; academic researchers, lecturers and students; and food technologies, as well as others working in the food industry." Nutrition Bulletin Vol. 32, Number 4, p. 413, December 2007<!--end-->

“The product is clearly written and presented, and the organization allows the reader to ‘dip in’ to find specific information when required. I therefore have no doubt that it will prove valuable … .The production quality is of the usual high standard expected of Blackwell Publishing, while an excellent index allows the reader to navigate … .I will certainly be referring to it a lot in relation to my own research and can thoroughly recommend it to readers with a broader interest as well as those researching on whole grain cereals.” Food Science and Technology

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