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Trait-Modified Oils in Foods

Frank T. Orthoefer (Editor), Gary R. List (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-8138-0872-7
264 pages
August 2015, Wiley-Blackwell
Trait-Modified Oils in Foods (0813808723) cover image


In recent years, the food industry has made substantial advances in replacing partially hydrogenated oils, high in trans-fatty acids, in foods. Trait-modified oils were then developed to produce trans-fat free, low saturated functional oils. Trait-modified Oils in Foods offers top line information on the sources, composition, performance, health, taste, and availability of modified next generation oils. Coverage extends to public policy development, discussions of real world transition to healthy oils by food service and food processing industries and the future of trait-modified oils. The book provides solutions to food companies with the potential of improving the health benefits of foods through eliminating trans-fats and reducing saturated fats from formulations. A landmark resource on modified next-generation, trait-modified oils, this book is essential reading for oil processors, manufacturers and producers, as well as any professional involved in food quality assurance and public health.
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Table of Contents

Contributors ix

1 Introduction 1
Frank Orthoefer and Gary R. List

2 Overview of Trait Modified Oils 12
Richard F. Wilson

3 A Survey of the Composition and Functional Characteristics of Trait Modified Oils 33
Gary R. List and Frank Orthoefer

4 Development of Trait Modified Soybean Oil 58
Joseph W. Burton

5 Applications of Trait Enhanced Soybean Oils 70
Richard S. Wilkes and Neal A. Bringe

6 Canola Oil: New Versions 92
Thomas G. Patterson

7 Sunflower Oil: From Mid Oleic, High Oleic, High Stearic to Low Saturate Versions 112
Larry W. Kleingartner

8 Performance Trials Using Trait Modified Oils 127
Roman Przybylski

9 Performance and Formulation of Trait Modified Oils in Bakery Shortenings 145
Gary R. List, Dilip K. Nakhasi, Tom Tiffany, and Frank Orthoefer

10 Trait Modified Oils in Food Service Applications 156
Don Banks

11 Omega 3 Oils and Blends 168
Ernesto M. Hernandez

12 New Users Viewpoint 197
Gary R. List and Frank Orthoefer

13 Modified Composition Oils for Food and Nonfood Applications 213
Monoj K. Gupta

Index 000

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Author Information

Dr. Frank Orthoefer has a PhD in food science from the Michigan State University. With 35 years of research experience with major food companies, and multiple international work experience within food processing, Dr. Orthoefer is an expert in edible oils. He has worked extensively in the applications of food oils with processors and formulators of foods. He is an active member of the Institute of Food Technologists and the American Oil Chemists? Society (served as technical chair of multiple sessions) and is an AOCS Fellow. Dr. Orthoefer has published over 200 publications and presentations. He has 18 patents.

Dr. Gary R. List is Adjunct Professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Illinois, USA. He was a research chemist at The Northern Regional Research Laboratory Peoria Illinois from 1963 until his retirement in 2007. Dr. List is an authority on edible oils and oilseed processing. In his retirement he serves as a consultant to the food industry. He is an active member of the American Oil Chemists Society, the Institute of Food Technology, Euro Fed lipids, and The American Chemical Society. He serves on the editorial boards of many national/international journals. He is a Fellow in six societies including AOCS, IFT and AGFD (ACS). Dr. List has published 365 publications, abstracts, book chapters and proceedings, and has made 160 presentations many of which have been invited as a plenary lecturer.

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