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Feline Dentistry: Oral Assessment, Treatment, and Preventative Care

ISBN: 978-0-8138-1613-5
328 pages
February 2010, Wiley-Blackwell
Feline Dentistry: Oral Assessment, Treatment, and Preventative Care (0813816130) cover image


Feline Dentistry: Oral Assessment, Treatment, and Preventative Care is the only current reference devoted to feline dentistry. It brings together information on anatomy, pathology, radiology, equipment, materials, anesthesia, treatment, medical, and surgical dental care of the cat. This text serves as a guide to the diagnosis and management of general dental problems as well as problems unique to cats. Separated into three sections?assessment, treatment, and prevention?this full color book is an essential reference for any veterinarian treating feline patients.
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Table of Contents

Preface, viii

Acknowledgments, ix

Introduction, x

Section I. Oral Assessment, 3

Chapter 1. Anatomy, 5

Chapter 2. Oral Examination, 28

Chapter 3. Radiology, 39

Chapter 4. Charting, 84

Chapter 5. Oral Pathology, 101

Section II. Treatment, 149

Chapter 6. Equipment, 151

Chapter 7. Anesthesia, 169

Chapter 8. Treatment of Periodontal Disease, 181

Chapter 9. Treatment of Endodontic Disease, 196

Chapter 10. Treatment of Tooth Resorption, 222

Chapter 11. Treatment of Oropharyngeal Infl ammation, 242

Chapter 12. Treatment of Occlusion Disorders, 269

Chapter 13. Oral Trauma Surgery, 280

Chapter 14. Treatment of Oral Swellings/Tumors, 290

Section III. Prevention, 297

Chapter 15. Plaque Control, 299

Index, 305

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Author Information

Jan Bellows, DVM, DipACVD, DipABVP, is a veterinarian with more than 25 years experience in small animal medicine and surgery. As the author of Small Animal Dental Equipment, Materials and Techniques (2004) and The Practice of Veterinary Dentistry: A Team Effort (1999), he has lectured globally on the importance of integrating veterinary dentistry into small animal practice. Dr. Bellows sees dental referrals at his practices in Weston, Florida - Hometown Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic and All Pets Dental Clinic. He will soon open a new feline-only practice in the area as well.
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Only current reference devoted to feline dentistry
  • Brings together information on the anatomy, pathology, radiology, dental equipment, anesthesia, treatment, and medical and surgical dental care of the cat
  • Serves as a complete guide to the diagnosis and management of problems unique to cats, as well as general dental problems
  • Separated into three sections: assessment, treatment, and prevention
  • An essential, full color reference for any veterinarian treating feline patients
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"The images have incredible detail and highlight the most important parts of the text. The images alone are worth the price of the book.... The general practitioner looking to improve his or her understanding of the uniqueness of the cat's oral cavity and the pathology that affects it will heavily utilize this book... it should be on the shelf of every veterinarian that practices dentistry, from general practitioner to the board certified dentist." (Journal of Veterinary Dentistry, Spring 2010)

"This book is an excellent reference for veterinarians in general practice or feline-exclusive practice and those with a special interest in veterinary dentistry. This is a complete and thorough reference for use in the diagnosis and treatment planning for cats with oral diseases. It should be in the reference library of all small animal veterinarians." (JAVMA, June 2010)

"This book is one that the reviewer recommends for students interested in learning dental techniques and practitioners who are looking for a refresher on feline dentistry or a review book for their staff, and most definitely a must have for the technician who is interested in becoming a veterinary dental technician or qualifying for a dental specialty... no-one can afford to be without this text if they are truly interested in learning feline dental techniques from the beginning to the end." (VSPN, April 2010) 

"This is an outstanding dentistry book in terms of detail, information, and ease of reading. The photographs and illustrations enhance the text, offering a deeper and more complete understanding of the field of feline dentistry, its pitfalls and successes." (Doody's, January 2011)

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