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Larval Fish Nutrition

ISBN: 978-0-8138-1792-7
436 pages
May 2011
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Nutrition is particularly important in the healthy development of fish during their early-life stages. Understanding the unique nutritional needs of larval fish can improve the efficiency and quality of fish reared in a culture setting. Larval Fish Nutrition comprehensively explores the nutritional requirements, developmental physiology, and feeding and weaning strategies that will allow aquaculture researchers and professionals to develop and implement improved culture practices.

Larval Fish Nutrition is logically divided into three sections. The first section looks at the role of specific nutrient requirements in the healthy digestive development of fish. The second section looks at the impacts if nutritional physiology on fish through several early-life stages. The final section looks at feeding behaviors and the benefits and drawbacks to both live feed and microparticulate diets in developing fish.

Written by a team of leading global researchers, Larval Fish Nutrition will be an indispensible resource for aquaculture researchers, professionals, and advanced students.

Key Features:

  • Reviews the latest research on larval fish nutritional requirements, developmental physiology, and feeding and weaning strategies
  • Extensively covers nutritional needs of various early-life stages in fish development
  • Weighs the benefits and drawbacks to both live feeds and microparticulate diets
  • Written by a global team of experts in fish nutrition and physiology 
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Table of Contents



Section 1: Digestive Development and Nutrient Requirements.

Chapter 1 Ontogeny of the digestive tract.

Chapter 2 Lipids.

Chapter 3 Proteins.

Chapter 4 Micronutrients.

Section 2: Nutritional Physiology.

Chapter 5 Effects of broodstock diet on eggs and larvae.

Chapter 6 Utilization of yolk: transition from endogenous to exogenous nutrition in fish.

Chapter 7 Effects of larval nutrition on development.

Chapter 8 Bioenergetics of growth in commercially important developing fishes.

Chapter 9 Regulation of digestive processes.

Section 3: Feeds and Feeding.

Chapter 10 Feeding behavior in larval fish.

Chapter 11 Live feeds.

Chapter 12 Microparticulate diets: technology.

Chapter 13 Microparticulate diets: testing and evaluating success.

Chapter 14 Methods for assessing embryonic and larval growth in fish.


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Author Information

G. Joan Holt is the Associate Director and Perry R. Bass Chair in Fisheries and Mariculture at the University of Texas at Austin.
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"Larval fish nutrition is a most useful compilation that is a welcome addition to the fish biology and aquaculture literature, but it is not an introductory book for the uninitiated . . . It can also act as a source of reference and supplementary reading for advanced level students taking courses in fish physiology and aquaculture." (Aquacult International, 18 June 2011)
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