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Finfish and Shellfish Bacteriology Manual: Techniques and Procedures

ISBN: 978-0-8138-1952-5
258 pages
October 2003, Wiley-Blackwell
Finfish and Shellfish Bacteriology Manual: Techniques and Procedures (0813819520) cover image


Significant advances in the field of microflora of aquatic animals, including fish and invertebrates, demands a practical laboratory text with the current methods for the bacteriological analysis of health and disease in fish and shellfish. Practical rather than theoretical, this manual is useful for individuals working in aquatic, environmental, and veterinary science, and in aquaculture, public health, and aquatic research.

Methods are presented for the isolation and identification of bacterial pathogens in fish and shellfish and zoonotic pathogens in shellfish. The step-by-step presentation of procedures guides students in aquatic health and newcomers to the diagnostic laboratory, while providing a refresher course for the more experienced laboratory employee. Numerous tables and illustrations further assist readers.

Thorough coverage of basic bacteriological techniques ensures that even the inexperienced aquatic health diagnostician will need no additional resources. The effective, easy-to-follow organization of the Finfish and Shellfish Bacteriology Manual make it the primary sourcebook for any laboratory. Whether it’s used as an occasional quick reference by the experienced fish diagnostician, or as a tool to build diagnostic capabilities from the ground up, this book rises to the challenge.

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Table of Contents



1. Finfish Bacteriology.

2. Sample Collection to Detect Bacterial Infection in Finfish.

3. Packaging Fish for Transport.

4. Aseptic Bacterial Examination of Finfish.

5. Shellfish Bacteriology.

6. Sample Collection to Detect Bacterial Infection in Shellfish.

7. Sampling and Packaging Bivalves and Crustaceans for Transport.

8. Aseptic Bacterial Examination of Bivalves.

9. Aseptic Bacterial Examination of Lobsters.

10. Diagnostic Methodology in Finfish and Shellfish Bacteriology.

11. Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests.

12. Bacteriology Culture Media.

13. Pure-Culture Techniques.

14. Staining Methods.

15. Colony Identification.

16. Biochemical Activities of Bacteria.

17. Serology.

18. Antibiotic Testing.

19. Specific Techniques Used for Finfish Bacteriology.

20. Specific Techniques Used for Shellfish Bacteriology.

21. Enumeration of Bacteria by the Plate Count Technique.

22. Public Health Indicator Oganisms in Bivalves.



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Author Information

Kimberley A. Whitman BSc., specializes in microbiology, and has 20 years experience working as a fish health bacteriologist/biologist with government agencies, academic institutions, and industry. Currently, Ms. Whitman is working with Malaspina University - College, Nanaimo, British Columbia as a fish health instructor. She also is employed with the private sector implementing a quality assurance program for a marine extraction plant, and is the owner of OHB Enterprises as a consultant for international aquatic facilities.
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The Wiley Advantage

· A practical guide for the individual practitioner

· Step-by-step presentation of procedures

· Numerous tables and illustrations

· Accompanying CD-ROM with color images

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"Although, at first sight, the title of this book may suggest that it has no relevance to parasitologists studying eukaryotic pathogens, closer examination reveals it to have many features that commend it as a valuable asset in the parasitology laboratory, particularly for those with an interest in fish and shellfish."
--Parasitology, 2004
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