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Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue

Rebecca Gimenez (Editor), Tomas Gimenez (Editor), Kimberly A. May (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-8138-1998-3
440 pages
September 2008, Wiley-Blackwell
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The recognition of the importance of safe large animal rescue is quickly growing. The prevailing attitude of large animal owners, whose animals are often pets or a large financial investment, is to demand the safe rescue and treatment of their large animals in emergency situations. Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue is a guide for equine, large animal, and mixed animal veterinarians, zoo and wildlife veterinarians, vet techs, and emergency responders on how to rescue and treat large animals in critical situations while maintaining the safety of both the animal and the rescuer. This book is a must have reference for any individual who deals with large animals in emergency situations.
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Table of Contents




Introduction (Dr. Richard Mansmann).

Chapter 1. Historical Overview and Development (Dr. Rebecca Gimenez).

Chapter 2. Purpose Of Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue (Dr. Rebecca Gimenez).

Chapter 3. Incident Prevention and Evacuation Planning (Dr. Rebecca Gimenez).

Chapter 4. Understanding Large Animal Behavior in TLAER Incidents (Dr. Rebecca Gimenez).

Chapter 5. TLAER Scene Management (Dr. Rebecca Gimenez).

Chapter 6. Understanding Large Animal Restraint in TLAER Incidents (Dr. Rebecca Gimenez).

Chapter 7. Water and Unstable Ground Rescues (Dr. Rebecca Gimenez).

Chapter 8. Loose Large Animals (Dr. Rebecca Gimenez).

Chapter 9. Trailer Incidents (Dr. Tomas Gimenez, Dr. Rebecca Gimenez).

Chapter 10. Barn and Wild Fires (Lt. (Ret.) Jeff Galloway, Dr. Rebecca Gimenez).

Chapter 11. Ambulance And Recumbent Animal Transport (Dr. Rebecca Gimenez).

Chapter 12. Communications in Veterinary Field Operations (Dr. Kathleen Becker, Tori Miller).

Chapter 13. Euthanasia in the Field (Dr. Rebecca Gimenez).

Chapter 14. Rope Rigging and Mechanical Advantage (Dr. Tomas Gimenez).

Chapter 15. Manipulating the Object – Basic Rescue Techniques (Dr. Rebecca Gimenez).

Chapter 16. Manipulating the Object – Vertical Lift Techniques (Dr. Rebecca Gimenez).

Chapter 17. Large Animal Field Emergency Medicine (Dr. Janice Baker).

Chapter 18. Helicopter Operations (Dr. Rebecca Gimenez).

Chapter 19. Decontamination of Large Animals (Dr. Lisa Murphy, Dawn Slessman, Bob Mauck).

Chapter 20. Special Veterinary Problems of Animals Requiring Technical Rescue (Dr. Janice Baker).

Chapter 21. Livestock Transport Emergency Response (Jennifer Woods).

Chapter 22. Learning From Actual Incident Scenarios (Dr. Tomas Gimenez, Dr. Rebecca Gimenez).

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Author Information

Rebecca Gimenez, Ph.D. (Animal Physiology), MAJ (USAR), is a Primary Instructor for Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue. She is a decorated Iraqi War Veteran, past Logistics Officer for VMAT-2, an invited lecturer on animal rescue topics around the world, and a freelance writer on equine subjects.

Tomas Gimenez, MVZ, Dr. Med. Vet., is a Professor emeritus for the Animal and Veterinary Science Department at Clemson University, National Veterinary Response Team (NVRT), National Disaster Medical System, and an instructor for Technial Large Animal Rescue.

Kimberly A. May, DVM, MS is a board certified large animal surgeon and the Assistant Director of Professional and Public Affairs at the American Veterinary Medical Association.

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The Wiley Advantage

  • Provides training to keep both the animal and the rescuer safe in rescue situations
  • Instructs in techniques and standardized procedures for use in emergency situations
  • Includes coverage of a wide variety of large animal species
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"Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue is an excellent resource on a topic for which little information is readily available. The chapters offer a mixture of general information as well as more detailed point-by point descriptions of specific emergency procedures... [describes] aspects of large animal rescue that cannot be easily found elsewhere. This text is ideal for training support staff, such as local volunteers and search-and-rescue teams." - Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, June 2009

"This valuable new publication is appropriate and timely... almost every conceivable emergency rescue situation is covered, including water and unstable ground, loose animals, trailer incidents, and barn and wildfires. Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue is an invaluable reference. It provides a history of the field, a review of current understanding, and expert guidance that should be incorporated into the National Disaster Management System and adopted for use by state and local emergency response and animal care and control professionals." - JAALAS, March 2009

“Readers of Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue will gain tremendous understanding of how to handle many common and unusual large animal rescue scenarios. This text is a must-have for large animal veterinarians, whether they practice ambulatory medicine, work in public service, or are interested in animal rescue and disaster medicine. This book is also a useful training tool for veterinary technicians and veterinary students.” - Compendium Equine, January 2009 

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