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Food Waste to Animal Feed

ISBN: 978-0-8138-2540-3
298 pages
December 2000, Wiley-Blackwell
Food Waste to Animal Feed (0813825407) cover image


The magnitude of the food-waste disposal problem cannot be understated. Utilisation of food waste is of concern to the food processing industry, consumers, environmentalists, and regulators of handling and disposal systems. Food waste is not consistent in quality, is usually high in moisture content, and is only available locally. This book focuses on the challenges of utilising both wet and/or processed food waste. The regulatory environment relating to food waste, the perspective of the end-users, and practical use as animal feed is also discussed. One of the goals of this publication, other than to give a clear explanation of the subject of food waste and its uses as animal feed, is to stimulate a need for research.
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Table of Contents

Overview of field;
Swine health protection act;
Regulation of food waste feeding;
Concerns when feeding animal proteins to livestock;
Rendering food wastes;
Food wastes for cattle;
Food wastes for swine;
Processed food wastes for swine;
Unique feedstuffs for livestock;
Use of non-traditional feedstuffs in the feed industry;
Case studies;
Concluding comments.
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