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Dairy Processing and Quality Assurance

Ramesh C. Chandan (Editor), Arun Kilara (Editor), Nagendra P. Shah (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-8138-2756-8
600 pages
August 2008, Wiley-Blackwell
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Dairy Processing and Quality Assurance gives a complete description of the processing and manufacturing stages of market milk and major dairy products from the receipt of raw materials to the packaging of the products, including quality assurance aspects. The book begins with an overview of the dairy industry, dairy production and consumption trends. Next are discussions of the chemical, composition, physical and functional properties of milk; microbiological considerations related to milk processing; regulatory compliance; transportation to the processing plant; and the ingredients used in processing of dairy products. The main section of the book is dedicated toprocessing and production with coverage of: fluid milk products; cultured milk and yogurt; butter and spreads; cheese; evaporated and condensed milk; dry milks; whey and whey products; ice cream and frozen desserts; refrigerated desserts; nutrition and health; new product development strategies; packaging systems; nonthermal preservation technologies; safety and quality management systems; and dairy laboratory analysis.

Dairy Processing and Quality Assurance presents a contemporary update and a unique approach to the topics, and is designed to augment related books in the existing market. The editorial team is comprised of individuals with significant experience in the science and applications of dairy products manufacture. Intended for professionals in the dairy industry, Dairy Processing and Quality Assurance also appeals to professors and students in dairy science for its contemporary information and experience-based applications.
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Table of Contents

Contributors, vii

Preface, xi

1. Dairy Processing and Quality Assurance: An Overview, 1
Ramesh C. Chandan

2. Dairy Industry: Production and Consumption Trends, 41
Ramesh C. Chandan

3. Mammary Gland and Milk Biosynthesis: Nature's Virtual Bioprocessing Factory, 59
Ramesh C. Chandan, Dilip A. Patel, Raul A. Almeida, and Stephen P. Oliver

4. Chemical Composition, Physical and Functional Properties of Milk and Milk Ingredients, 75
Kasipathy Kailasapathy

5. Microbiological Considerations Related to Dairy Processing, 105
Ronald H. Schmidt

6. Regulations for Product Standards and Labeling, 145
Cary P. Frye and Arun Kilara

7. Milk from Farm to Plant, 169
Cary P. Frye and Arun Kilara

8. Ingredients in Dairy Products, 189
Douglas Olson and Kayanush J. Aryana

9. Fluid Milk Products, 203
John Partridge

10. Cultured Milk and Yogurt, 219
T. Vasiljevic and N. P. Shah

11. Butter and Spreads: Manufacture and Quality Assurance, 253
Anna M. Fearon and Matthew Golding

12. Cheese, 273
Tanoj K. Singh and Keith R. Cadwallader

13. Evaporated and Sweetened Condensed Milks, 309
Nana Y. Farkye

14. Dry Milk Products, 319
Mary Ann Augustin and Phillip Terence Clarke

15. Whey and Whey Products, 337
Arun Kilara

16. Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts, 357
Arun Kilara and Ramesh C. Chandan

17. Puddings and Dairy-Based Desserts, 387
Ramesh C. Chandan and Arun Kilara

18. Role of Milk and Dairy Foods in Nutrition and Health, 411
Ramesh C. Chandan and Arun Kilara

19. Product Development Strategies, 429
Vijay Kumar Mishra

20. Packaging Milk and Milk Products, 443
Aaron L. Brody

21. Nonthermal Preservation Technologies for Dairy Applications, 465
Hasmukh A. Patel, Tim Carroll, and Alan L. Kelly

22. Management Systems for Safety and Quality, 483
Dilip A. Patel, Stephen P. Oliver, Raul A. Almeida, and Ebenezer R. Vedamuthu

23. Laboratory Analysis of Milk and Dairy Products, 529
C. T. Deibel and R. H. Deibel

Index, 575

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Author Information

Ramesh C. Chandan, Ph.D., heads up the editorial team. Dr. Chandan, a consultant in dairy science and technology, served for more than 40 years in various food companies, including Unilever, Land O’Lakes and General Mills, with special expertise in the manufacture of dairy products. He has served on the faculty of Michigan State University and has taught dairy technology courses for seven years.

Arun Kilara, Ph.D., has long established expertise in teaching and research in dairy food science at Penn State University.

Nagendra P. Shah, Ph.D., a Professor at Victoria University, Australia is very well known for his contribution in Dairy Technology area.

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The Wiley Advantage

  • Offers hands-on applications for dairy manufacturers

  • Focuses on quality assurance and technology in the dairy industry

  • One of the few recent books on the topic

  • World-wide expertise from over 20 noted experts
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?It will be of value to both technologists in dairy processing and to academic staff and university-level students seeking to understand current processing approaches. The strength of the book lies in having each specific sector written by an expert in that field, with 28 authors in total, combined with a strong editorial team with extensive industry and academic experience.? ( Journal of Dairy Technology, May 2009)

?Presents basic information on the subject in a concise, easily understandable style. This is remarkable data. This excellent book will appeal to professors, extension staff, and students in dairy science for its contemporary information and experience-based applications. Also, the book should be useful for food scientists, regulatory personnel, dairy equipment manufacturers and technical specialists in the dairy food industry. The index, references, photographs, flow pathways and formulae are easy to understand and most informative. They are not only suitable for people working in the dairy industry, but in its numerous allied industries.? (Develop Technology, November 2008)

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