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Implant and Regenerative Therapy in Dentistry: A Guide to Decision Making

ISBN: 978-0-8138-2962-3
424 pages
June 2009, Wiley-Blackwell
Implant and Regenerative Therapy in Dentistry: A Guide to Decision Making (0813829623) cover image


Implant and Regenerative Therapy in Dentistry  provides a uniquely clear, precise guide to decision making in a variety of clinical situations, from the treatment planning phases to the actual execution of the procedure. It offers concrete and useful decision criteria for various treatment options, as well as equipping readers with key problem-solving and critical apparatus.

Implant and Regenerative Therapy In Dentistry anchors itself in the realities of clinical practice. Replete with decision-making algorithms, it acts as both as a reference and a daily companion to its readers, conveying information succinctly, thoroughly and accessibly. Its team of authors, gathered together under the leadership of an exceptional editor, create a book unique in its elegant simplicity and its day-to-day usefulness.

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Table of Contents

Contributors ix

Acknowledgment xi

Chapter 1 Tooth Retention and Implant Placement: Developing Treatment Algorithms 1
Paul A. Fugazzotto, DDS and Sergio De Paoli, MD, DDS

Chapter 2 Guided Bone Regeneration 46
Paul A. Fugazzotto, DDS

Chapter 3 The Therapeutic Potential of PRGF in Dentistry and Oral Implantology 113
Eduardo Anitua, DDS, MD, Gorka Orive, PhD, and Isabel And´ıa, PhD

Chapter 4 Patient Evaluation and Planning Considerations 122
Will Martin, DMD, MS, FACP

Chapter 5 Planning and Surgical Options for Implant-Based Esthetic Treatment: The Partially Dentate Patient 134
Jamil Alayan, BS, BDS, MDSc, FRACDS and Dean Morton, BDS, MS, FACP

Chapter 6 Augmentation of the Posterior Maxilla 143
Paul A. Fugazzotto, DDS

Chapter 7 The Use of Shorter Implants in Clinical Practice 196
Paul A. Fugazzotto, DDS

Chapter 8 Decision Making Following Extraction of Multirooted Maxillary Teeth 218
Paul A. Fugazzotto, DDS

Chapter 9 Decision Making at the Time of Treatment of Furcated Mandibular Molars: Roles of Resective, Regenerative, and Implant Therapies 248
Paul A. Fugazzotto, DDS

Chapter 10 Alveolar Bone Preservation Following Tooth Extraction in the Esthetic Zone 272
Philip R. Melnick, DMD, FACD and Paulo M. Camargo, DDS, MS, MBA, FACD

Chapter 11 Immediate Implant Placement in Esthetic Single Tooth Sites 295
Sergio De Paoli, MD, DDS and Paul A. Fugazzotto, DDS

Chapter 12 Immediate Loading of the Full Arch in Patients with a Failing Dentition 318
Robert Jaffin, DMD

Chapter 13 The Rehabilitation of the Edentulous Maxillary Jaw Utilizing Dental Implant Therapy 364
Anthony J. Dickinson, BDSc, MSD

Index 399

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Author Information

Paul A. Fugazzotto is in full-time clinical practice specializing in periodontics and implant therapy. In addition to maintaining his practice, he has published and lectured extensively on the topics of implant dentistry and regenerative therapies.
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Guided clinical decision making

  • Reflects the realities of implant dentistry

  • Sound instruction that offers concrete answers

  • Replete with decision trees and algorithms for daily clinical use

  • Richly illustrated in full color throughout
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"Illustrated with color clinical photos, illustrations, and images, this work offers guidelines and decision making algorithms for use in a variety of clinical situations and treatment options." (Book News, December 2009)
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