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Oyster Culture: Fishing News Books Series

ISBN: 978-0-85238-279-0
172 pages
January 2001, Wiley-Blackwell
Oyster Culture: Fishing News Books Series (0852382790) cover image


The oyster trade worldwide is of huge commercial importance, and the demand for high quality oysters is rising all the time. With wild stocks depleted, the ever-increasing multi-million dollar oyster farming industry is serving this demand.

Oyster Culture is a thorough review of the subject, providing a huge wealth of practical and commercially vital information of importance to all those involved in this expanding industry.

Based on a lifetime's work in the industry, George Matthiessen has written a much-needed and comprehensive book covering all major aspects of the subject. The book covers the biology, distribution, husbandry and disease of cultured oysters and looks in detail at recent developments in oyster culture as well as considering the limits to oyster production. Separate chapters deal in detail with a) oyster culture in the Far East, the Indo-Pacific Region, Western Europe, North America and tropical areas and b) a history of production methods by a New England-based oyster company.

This important book will be a vital tool and reference work for all those involved in the culture of oysters, including oyster farm managers and workers; biologists working on oysters and other bivalve shellfish and invertebrates; regulatory personnel and all those serving the industry, including personnel in aquaculture equipment and feed companies. Copies of the book should also be available in libraries of universities, research establishments and government laboratories where aquaculture is studied or taught.

George C. Matthiessen PhD, has for 30 years been President of Ocean Pond Corporation, Fishers Island, New York, U.S.A.

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Table of Contents




1. Salt Ponds.

2. Oyster Biology and Distribution.

3. Early Years.

4. Oyster Culture in the Far East.

5. Developments in Culture techniques.

6. Oyster Culture in the Indo-Pacific Region.

7. Artificial Upwelling.

8. Oyster Culture in Western Europe.

9. Working Around Disease.

10. Oyster Culture in North America.

11. Limits to Oyster Production.

12. Oyster Culture in Tropical Regions.

13. Conclusions.



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The Wiley Advantage

* The author, George Matthiessen, has wide experience of commercial oyster production
* Fully comprehensive information providing a vital reference for al those involved in this business
* Compares and contrasts the relative merits of oyster culture systems internationally
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