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The Jelly Effect: How to Make Your Communication Stick

ISBN: 978-0-85708-046-2
256 pages
August 2010, Capstone
The Jelly Effect: How to Make Your Communication Stick (0857080466) cover image


Like throwing jelly at a wall, poor communication never sticks.

Too much information and not enough relevance is a problem that pervades almost all business communication. So what's the answer? More relevance and a lot less jelly.

The Jelly Effect teaches you simple, memorable and costless ways to win more attention and more business. Imagine how effective you'd be if you communicated only what was relevant 100 percent of the time. You would be better at talking to others, presenting, networking and selling. You would excel in interviews, meetings and pay-rise discussions. The benefits would be endless.

The Jelly Effect will show you how to get the best out of any situation, whether you're speaking to an individual or a group, formally or informally, inside or outside your organisation. By the time you close the final page of this book, you will be armed with practical, proven techniques that will help you be more effective in all your business dealings.

"Andy Bounds taught me more about effective presenting than a lady who’d previously taught two US presidents."
Drayton Bird, chairman of Drayton Bird Partnership and world leading authority on direct marketing

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Table of Contents


Who am I to tell you how to communicate?

1 The best way for you to read this book.

2 Why 'the Jelly Effect'?

3 The AFTERs.

4 Networking.

5 How to sell more.

6 Referrals.

7 Presentations.

8 Avoiding 'the Green Corridor of Doom'.

And if you want more help ... .


About the author.

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