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Arsenic Metallurgy

ISBN: 978-0-87339-585-4
334 pages
February 2005
Arsenic Metallurgy (0873395859) cover image
Arsenic has long been a problem associated with the extraction of nonferrous metals. During the last decade, a combination of lower-grade ores and environmental concerns has resulted in accelerated technological developments to meet arsenic challenges. This volume presents the necessary technologies to further advance arsenic metallurgy. Treatment of high arsenic-containing ores and metallurgical streams and wastes are given particular attention. Arsenic metallurgical reactions, process, and environmental technologies are also reviewed.

From 2005 TMS Annual Meeting to be held in San Francisco, February 13–17, 2005.

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Symposium Organization.

Titles of Presented Posters.


The Removal of Arsenic from Aqueous Solution by Coprecipitation with Iron (III) (L.G. Twidwell, R.G. Robins, and J.W. Hohn).

On the Preparation and Stability of Scorodite (G.P. Demopoulos).

Arsenic Capacity of Copper Slags (R.G. Reddy and J.C. Font).

Arsenic and Old Waste(D.A. Robbins).


Arsenic Removal from Mine and Process Waters by Lime/Phosphate Precipitation (L.G. Twidwell, J. McCloskey, M.G. Lee, and J. Saran).

Arsenic Removal from Mine and Process Waters by Lime/Phosphate Precipitation: Pilot Scale Demonstration (J. McCloskey, L.G. Twidwell, and M.G. Lee).

Meeting Arsenic Standards in Drinking Water by January 2006:A Review of Available Technologies (V. "Ram" Ramachandran and R. Narasimhan).

Coprecipitation of Arsenic with Fe(III), Al(III) and Mixtures of Both in Chloride System (R.G. Robins, P. Singh, and R.P. Das).

The Effect of Silicate on the Adsorption of Arsenate on Coprecipitated Ferrihydrite (P. Singh, W. Zhang, D.M. Muir, and R.G. Robins).

Coprecipitation of As(V) with Fe(III) in Sulfate Media:Solubility and Speciation of Arsenic (Y. Jia, G.P. Demopoulos, N. Chen, and J. Cutler).

Arsenic in Yellowknife, Canada (W.R. Cullen, K.J. Reimer, I. Koch, and C.A. Ollson).


Arsenic Removal from a Nickel Concentrate (F.R.A. Jorgensen, G.W. Jensen, and S. Sanetsis).

Industrial Technologies Related to Arsenic Extraction (abstract only) (F. Kongoli, R. Budd, I. McBow, and S. Llubani).

An Approach for Scaling Arsenic Removal from Smelter Gases Using Iron Oxides (E.V. Balladares, R.F. Parra, M.M. Sánchez, and J.G. Palacios).

Fractional Distribution of Arsenic in the Teniente Continuous Converting Process (J. Font, G. Alvear, A. Moyano, and C. Caballero).


Biological Removal of Arsenic from Tailings Pond Water at Canadian Mine (T. Maniatis and T. Pickett).

Arsenic Removal from Contaminated Waters (D.J. Adams, X. Diaz, T.R. Mankhand, J.D. Miller, P. Pennington, and T. Chatwin).

Arsenic Removal by Electrocoagulation Technology in the Comarca Lagunera Mexico (J.R. Parga, D.L. Cocke, J.L. Valenzuela, M. Kesmez, J.A.G. Gomes, H.A. Moreno, and V. Valverde).

Removal of Arsenic from Soda Matte Process Salution: An Overview (S. Wang).

Process Metallurgy.

The Treatment of Arsenic Bearing Ores, Concentrates and Materials with Alkaline Sulfide Hydrometallurgy (C.G. Anderson).

The Simultaneous Oxidation of Sulfide Minerals and the Dissolution of Gold (S. Zhang and M.J. Nicol).

Arsenic — The Technological Motivator for the Chelopech Copper/Gold Mine (G. Beer, K. Evtiminova, and N. Histrov).

Gold Recovery from Arsenical Ores (W.F. Drinkard).

Sulfidization of Arsenosopyrite (V.A. Luganov and C.G. Anderson).

Subject Index.

Author Index.

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