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EPD Congress 2010: Extraction and Processing Division

Edgar E. Vidal (Editor), Ann M. Hagni (Section Editor), Michael L. Free (Section Editor), Prince N. Anyalebechi (Section Editor), Joseph Pomykala (Section Editor), Christina E. M. Meskers (Section Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-87339-748-3
February 2010
EPD Congress 2010: Extraction and Processing Division (0873397487) cover image
This book contains up-to-date information regarding the process metallurgy community, which convened the Extraction & Processing Division Congress at the TMS 2010 Annual Meeting & Exhibition. It covers the science, technology and industrial practice of the processing of ores and the treatment and minimization of wastes. Subjects include advances in roasting and sintering; aqueous processing; energy conservation in metals extraction and materials processing; materials processing fundamentals; pyrometallurgy; recycling; and developments in rare earth science and technology.
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EPD Council.

EPD Honors and Awards 2010.

Characterization of Minerals, Metals and Materials.



About the Editor.

Characterization of Iron and Steel I.

Nondestructive Characterization of Microstructure and Properties of Steel Products (J. Pandey, M. Raj, and N. Bandyopadhyay).

2D Imaging of Nano-Hardness and Phase Characterization in Steel by Noncontact Optical Photodeflection Microscopy (N. Mingolo, O. Martínez, and U. Archiopoli).

Classification and Rating of Inclusions in a High Carbon Steel (M. Faraji, R. Thackray, I. Todd, and P. Tsakiropoulos).

As-cast Microstructures of Aluminum Containing Ductile Cast Irons (A. Kiani-Rashid, A. Shayesteh-Zeraati, H. Naser-Zoshki, and M. Yousef-Sani).

Characterization of Iron and Steel II.

Methods to Characterize Very Thin Passive Film Formed in SCW Corrosion Tests (J. Li, D. Guzonas, and W. Zheng).

The Influence of Different Heat treatment Cycles on Controlled Surface Graphitization in CK45 Steel (A. Kiani-Rashid, Y. Hamedi, and H. Shishegar).

Characterization of Alloys.

Detection of Creep Damage in a Nickel Base Super-Alloy by Nondestructive Means (H. Carreon, and F. Caballero).

Development of a High-temperature Micro-indentation Technique for Material Mechanical Property Evaluation up to 1200° C (J. Tannenbaum, B. Conklin, B. Kang, and M. Alvin).

Influence of TCP Phase on Enduring Property of Single Crystal Nickle-Based Superalloys (T. Sugui, Q. Benjiang, L. Tang, W. Minggang, and X. Jun).

The Modeling and Processes Research of Titan Aluminides Structurization Received by SHS Technology (S. Borys, A. Zherebtsov, and Y. Belokon).

Characterization of Grain Size, Morphology, Refractive Index, and Tomography.

Using Transmittance Measurements to Investigate the Interdiffusion through the SnO2/CdS and CdS/CdTe interfaces in SnO2/CdS/CdTe Solar Cells (S. Ikhmayies, and R. Ahmad-Bitar).

Effect of Refractive Index on the Determination of Layer Thickness of 4H-SiC Homo-Epitaxial Films (Z. Li, Y. Zhang, J. Sun, Y. Zhang, and X. Tang).

Characterization of PMC's, Composites, Fibers, Polymers, and Organics.

Weibull Analysis of Tensile Tested Piassava Fibers with Different Diameters (D. Nascimento, L. Motta, and S. Monteiro).

Thermal Analysis of Curaua Fiber Reinforced Polyester Matrix Composites (A. Ferreira, R. Rodriguez, F. Lopes, and S. Monteiro).

Characterization of the Flexural Properties of Polyester Matrix Composites Reinforced with Continuous Jute Fibers (S. Monteiro, L. Marques, and K. Satyanarayana).

Charpy Toughness Behavior of Continuous Sisal Fiber Reinforced Polyester Matrix Composites (W. Inácio, F. Lopes, and S. Monteiro).

Evaluation of the Interfacial Strength of Ramie Fibers in Polyester Matrix Composites (F. Margem, F. Lopes, and S. Monteiro).

Patterning Atop Shape Memory Polymers and Their Characterization (Y. Zhao, M. Cai, W. Huang, and T. Tong).

Characterization of a Natural Biofoam from the Buriti Palm Tree (L. Costa, S. Monteiro, T. Portela, N. Santos, and C. Zavaglia).

Characterization of Fibers from Different Parts of the Buriti Palm Tree (T. Portela, L. Costa, F. Lopes, and S. Monteiro).

Tensile Properties of Epoxy Composites Reinforced with Continuous Curaua Fibers (F. Lopes, A. Ferreira, and S. Monteiro).

Characterizing the Mechanical Properties of Wax-Coated Granular Composites (J. Bridge, M. Peterson, and R. Beaumont).

Mechanical Behavior of Polyester Matrix Composites Reinforced with Continuous Bamboo Fibers (L. Costa, S. Monteiro, and R. Loiola).

Characterization of Cu, Zn, Mn, Fe, Au, and Carbon Phases.

Characterization of Tin-rich Copper Anodes from Secondary Copper Refineries (T. Chen, and J. Dutrizac).

Synthesis and Characterization of Pure and Doped Nanocrystalline Zinc Oxide (R. Rashmi, R. Bhatt, M. Kar, N. Singh, and M. Arora).

Characterization of Micro-, Nano-, and Thin Films.

Characterization of Nanocrystalline CdS:In Thin Films Prepared by the Spray-Pyrolysis Technique (S. Ikhmayies, and R. Ahmad-Bitar).

Chemical Co-Deposited PbS – CuS Thin Film Characterization: Effect of Annealing (M. Nnabuchi, C. Ekuma, and I. Owate).

Nanosecond Electrical Discharges between Semiconducting Sulfide Mineral Particles in Water (I. Bunin, and V. Chanturiya).

Characterization of Refractories, Clays, Concrete, Interfaces, and Thermodynamics.

Characterization of Refractories in Gasification Systems Using Post Mortem Analysis and Thermodynamics (K. Kwong, J. Bennett, R. Krabbe, and H. Thomas).

The Reception of Ceramic Aluminum Silicate Refractories (S. Borys, I. Krugljak, and A. Zherebtsov).

Utilization of Aluminum Slag for the Expansion of Lightweight Concrete (X. Li, J. Hwang, H. Jeon, M. Andriese, and Z. Zhang).

Characterization of Vitrified Tile Bodies with Kaolinitic Clay and Nepheline-Syenite (C. Vieira, and S. Monteiro).

Technological Characterization of Serpentinite Rock from Andorinha (Bahia/Brazil) (A. Teixeira, J. Sampaio, F. Garrido, and M. Medeiros).

Characterization of the Deep Interface Traps in Hf-based/Si Gate Stacks (S. Tan, Y. Hsia, M. Wu, and H. Chen).

Arsenic Dopant Effect in Nickel Silicide Formation for NiSi/Hf-based/Si Gate Stacks (S. Tan).

Poster Session.

Embrittlement of Low Carbon Low Alloy Steel Occurring in the Austenite and y-Ferrite Regions (X. Gao, D. Chen, M. Long, L. Song, J. Zhang, Y. Bi, and X. Zhang).

Thermodynamic Research of the Dissolving of Chrysocolla (Cusio3H2O) in the Ammonia-Ammonium Chloride-Water System (L. Wei, T. Motang, T. Zhaobo, H. Jing, Y. Jianguang, and Y. Shenghai).

Mechanical Behavior of Epoxy Composites Reinforced with Acetylation-Treated Coir Fibers (H. Santafe, L. Costa, R. Rodriguez, F. Lopes, and S. Monteiro).

Onset of Void Coalescence Studied by X-Ray Computed Tomography (A. Hosokawa, D. Wilkinson, and E. Maire).

The Effect of Y on the Refinement of Cast and Rapidly Solidified Tial Alloys (Z. Liu, l. Chai, and Y. Chen).

Surface Characterization of Single and Mixed Mineral Systems using Sedimentation Potential (S. Uddin, M. Mirnezami, and J. Finch).

Ultrasonic Characterization of CopperUSING Wavelet Analysis (P. Shanmugasandaram, N. Narasimhan, K. Srinivasan, and P. Selvaraj).

Characterization of High Carbon Equivalent Cast Iron Using Thermal Analysis Curves (W. Zhou, Y. Yan, D. Zheng, Q. Hua, and Q. Zhai).

Electrometallurgy - General Session.


Constant and Pulse Voltage Applications in CaWO4 Reduction (O. Goksu, I. Karakaya, and M. Erdogan).

ZrB2 Produced with Molten Salt Electrolysis (S. Özkan, S. Timur, and M. Urgen).

Hydrometallurgy - General Session.


Characteristics of Cathodic Reduction of Oxygen on Gold Electrode (Y. Yang, T. Jiang, Q. Li, and Y. Guo).

Extraction of Copper from Sulfate Leach Solution Containing Minor Metallic Constituents in Mixer Settler Unit (V. Kumar, M. Jha, M. Kumar, J. Jeong, and J. Lee).

Pressure Leaching of Enargite-Pyrite Concentrates (M. Ruiz, M. Vera, and R. Padilla).

Materials Processing Fundamentals.



About the Editor.

Deformation Processing and Heat Treatment.

Mechanical Properties and Their Dependence on Microstructure in Hot-Rolled 3rd Generation Advanced High Strength Steels (M. McGrath, D. VanAken, and V. Richards).

Hot Working Behavior of 17-4 PH Stainless Steel (H. Mirzadeh, and A. Najafizadeh).

Influence of Direct Aged Treatment on Creep Behaviors of Hot Continuous Rolling GH4169 Superalloy (S. Tian, Z. Li, Z. Zhao, L. Chen, and X. Liu).

The Effect of Carburizing on the Fatigue Life of 4130 Steel (R. Fragoudakis, and A. Saigal).

Ag Exudation during Internal Oxidation in Various Contact Materials (G. Schimmel, B. Kempf, and M. Rettenmayr).

A Study on Heat Tranfer Coefficient Distribution in High Pressure Hydrogen Quenching (B. Xiao, G. Wang, and Y. Rong).

Solidification and Casting.

Fe-Mn-Al-C Austenitic Steels Treated by Ca and Ce (S. Lekakh, V. Richards, A. Schulte, and D. VanAken).

Strong Magnetic Field Induced Phase Alignment during Solidification (Z. Sun, M. Guo, J. Vleugels, O. VanderBiest, and B. Blanpain).

Experimental Analysis of Thermal, Tensile and Microhardness Properties in Directional Solidified ZA, Zn-Ag and ZINAG Alloys (A. Ares, S. Gueijman, and C. Schvezov).

Structure Evolution of Aluminum Foams during Foaming Process (Z. Cao, J. Du, and G. Yao).

Effects of Solidification Rate and Alloy Composition on the Cast Microstructure of Aluminum Alloy 5182 (P. Anyalebechi).

Secondary Cooling Technology for Casting of Hypo-Peritectic Steels (J. Zhang, C. Dengfu, L. Mujun, W. Shuigen, and B. Yanyan).

Process Modeling and Measurements.

Finite Element Modeling of the Twin-Roll Strip Casting Process: Application to an AZ31 Magnesium Alloy (Y. He, and E. Essadiqi).

Stress Analysis and Deformation Prediction of A Heavy Hydraulic Turbine Blade Casting in Heat Treatment Process (J. Kang).

Ultrasound Removing Oxygen Gas Bubbles on Anode and Reducing Cell Voltage during Pb Electrodeposition (J. Xue, Y. Zheng, and J. Li).

Multi-scale Solidification Model for Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) Process (H. Yin, and S. Felicelli).

Smelting, Refining, Aqueous and Liquid Processing.

A Comparative Electrochemical Study of Arsenic Removal from Organic and Inorganic Sources using Various Sacrificial Electrodes (J. Gomes, S. Rahman, S. Varma, K. Das, and D. Cocke).

Characterization of Sodium and Bath Penetration in Industrial Graphitic and Graphitized Cathodes (J. Xue, L. Wu, G. Jiang, Q. Niu, Q. Liu, H. Xin, J. Zhu, and H. Hua).

A Laboratory Investigation of the Reduction of the Iron Carbonate Bearing Ore to Iron Nugget by Means of the ITmk3 Ironmaking Technology (N. Panishev, R. Tahautdinov, and M. Buryakov).

Fe-Ni Alloys Formation in Carbonthermal Reduction Process using Laterite Nickel Ore (J. Xue, L. Feng, and J. Zhu).

Preparation of MgO Whisker from Magnesite Tailings (L. Yue-yuan, C. Hong-Xu, and C. Min).

Remediation of Chicken Processing Wastewater using Electrochemically Produced Layered Double Hydroxides (J. Gomes, D. Atambo, M. Rahate, K. Das, G. Irwin, H. Moreno, and D. Cocke).

Carbon-thermal Reduction Process for making Al-Si Alloys from Al2O3-SiO2 Containing Industrial Wastes (J. Xue, Y. Song, and J. Zhu).

Recycling General Sessions.


Recycling– General Session: Session I: Metals

Preliminary Research on Preparation Al-Si-Ti Alloy With Aluminum Ash as Electrolysis Materials (L. Qingsheng, X. Jilai, and J. Qingxiu).

Stabilization of Chromium-based Slags with MgO (H. Cabrera-Real, A. Romero-Serrano, B. Zeifert, and M. Hallen-Lopez).

Preparation of Potassium Ferrate by Hypochlorite Oxidation Method (G. Jiang, L. Chai, Y. Wang, Y. Shu, and M. Yue).

Isotherm and Kinetics Studies of the Biosorption of Cobalt from Aqueous Solutions by Waste Materials (C. Yunnen, and F. Jingbiao).

Novel Technology for Wastewater Treatment by Biologics in Hydrometallurgical Processes of Lead-zinc (Q. Wang, L. Chai, Y. Wang, Q. Li, and Z. Yang).

The Optimum Condition For Cr(VI) Bioremediation in Soils Contaminated by Chromate Ore Processing Residue (C. Su, Y. Zhu, B. Wang, H. Li, and Y. Liao).

Thermodynamic Equilibrium of Hydroxyl Complex Ions in Mn2+-H2O System (F. Pei, Y. Wang, and L. Chai).

Recycling– General Session: Session II: Waste Utilization

Analysis of Light Hydrocarbon Gases in the Pyrolysis and Combustion Processes of Waste Tires (J. Alves, C. Zhuo, Y. Levendis, and J. Tenorio).

Utilization of Brazilian Waste Mica in Preparation of Pigments (S. Santos, S. França, and T. Ogasawara).

Reuse of Fired Red Ceramic Brick Waste (C. Vieira, and S. Monteiro).

Preparation of Building Material Using Elemental Sulfur and Heavy-metal Containing Slag (Y. Liang, L. Chai, X. Min, Z. Yang, S. Yang, and X. Cao).

Sustainable Materials Processing and Production.


Listing of Editors.

Motivating Sustainability I.

The Sustainable Organization: Fostering the Capacity for Change (L. Sharp).

Building a Sustainability Strategy into a Consumer Products Business (L. Bruner, and P. White).

Measuring Sustainability.

Lighweight Materials for the Automotive: Environmental Impact Analysis of the Use of Composites (K. VanAcker, I. Verpoest, W. Dewulf, and J. Duflou).

The Challenge of Allocation in LCA: The Case of Open-Loop Recycling (E. Olivetti, A. Nicholson, J. Gregory, and R. Kirchain).

Screening-level Environmental Burden Assessments for Metals Use in Electronics: A Case Study on the U.S. Printed Wiring Board Industry (C. Lam, S. Lim, O. Ogunseitan, and J. Schoenung).

Agent Based Modeling of Large-Scale Socio-Technical Metal Networks (I. Nikolic, A. Bollinger, and C. Davis).

Toxicity and Resource Depletion Potentials of Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) (S. Lim, D. Kang, O. Ogunseitan, and J. Schoenung).

Substance Flow Analysis of Cobalt in China (X. Caimei, Z. Juya, G. Xueyi, and T. Qinghua).

Motivating Sustainability II.

European Recycling Platform – Experiences from a New Venture (H. Korfmacher).

Lithium-Ion Batteries: Examining Material Demand and Recycling Issues (L. Gaines, and P. Nelson).

Critical and Strategic Failure of Rare Earth Resources (J. Kennedy).

Motivating Sustainable Material Use through Industry-Level Simulation Modeling of Platinum Stocks and Flows (E. Alonso, R. Roth, F. Field, and R. Kirchain).

A Collaborative Tool for Waste Management in the Industry (M. Borges, H. Riella, and P. Janissek).

Sustainability in Education.

Appropriate Technology and Sustainability (R. LeSar).

Depth through Breadth: Addressing the Grand Challenges of Teaching Sustainability (S. Nikitina).

Sustainability and Mineral Resource Utilisation: A Study Guide (W. Rankin).

Engagement is an Essential Skill in the 21st Century (D. VanZyl).

Sustainable Technologies I.

'Slag Valorisation', as an Example of High Temperature Industrial Ecology (D. Geysen, P. Jones, A. Sander, Y. Pontikes, Ö. Cizer, T. VanGerven, M. Craps, J. Eyckmans, and B. Blanpain).

Sustainability Study in Selective Laser Sintering - An Energy Perspective (R. Sreenivasan, and D. Bourell).

Energy and Environmental Challenges in Aluminium Industry - A Review (N. Krishnaswamy, B. Mishra, and R. Jagannathan).

Towards Sustainable Material Usage: Investigating Limits to Secondary Aluminum Sinks (G. Gaustad, E. Olivetti, and R. Kirchain).

Use of Eco Friendly Alternate Refining Flux in Aluminium Cast House - A Step Towards Sustainable Development (N. Krishnaswamy, M. Kar, C. Mathur, and G. Dey).

Sustainable Electrolysis for Electrowinning and Electrorefining of Metals (G. Haarberg).

2010 Vittorio de Nora Award Winner: Designing Crushing and Grinding Circuits for Improved Energy Efficiency (Z. Pokrajcic).

Sustainable Technologies II.

Lightweight Structural Concrete Incorporating Volcanic Materials for Sustainable Construction (K. Hossain).

Leaching Studies for the Recovery of Metals from the Waste Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) (M. Jha, V. Kumar, B. Pandey, R. Kumar, and J. Lee).

Author Index.

Subject Index.

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