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Oxidative Stress and Cardiac Failure

Marrick Kukin (Editor), Valentin Fuster (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-87993-709-6
313 pages
October 2002, Wiley-Blackwell
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Far from being a direct complication of primary damage to heart muscle, it is now recognised that the pathogenesis of heart failure may rely on a combination of neurohormonal, cellular and molecular factors. An overwhelming number of systems appear to be activated in heart failure and contribute in some way towards structural remodelling.

Comprising a comprehensive evaluation of the experimental and clinical data relating oxidative stress and heart failure, this text proposes that oxidative stress may be the common pathway for muscle dysfunction, cellular growth and remodelling, and mytocyte death. Acknowledged experts in the field here present a persuasive argument for raising the profile of oxidative stress as an important, perhaps critical contributor to the adverse consequences of heart failure. This volume should serve as a rich source of supportive data for clinicians and investigators interested in the pathophysiology and treatment of heart failure, and as a platform on which to base further research.

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Table of Contents

Foreword: Jay N. Cohn .

Introduction: Marrick L. Kukin.


Abbreviations Used in This Book.

I. Current Concepts in Heart Failure.

1. Natural History of Heart Failure.

W.H. Wilson Tang and Gary S. Francis.

2. Pathophysiology of Chronic Heart Failure.

Tatiana Tsvetkova and Michael R. Bristow.

II. Pathophysiology, Clinical, and Laboratory Evidence of Oxidative Stress in Heart Failure.

3. Chemistry of Free Radicals in Biological Systems.

Jay L. Zweier and Frederick A. Villamena.

4. Evidence of Oxidative Stress in Heart Failure.

Kenneth Y.K. Wong, Allan D. Struthers, and Jill J.F. Belch.

5. Animal Models: Apoptosis and Oxidative Stress.

Hani N. Sabbah and Elaine J. Tanhehco.

6. Oxygen Free Radicals, Iron, and Cytokines in Heart Failure: From Bench to Bedside.

Mona Shawky, Neelam Khaper, and Peter Liu.

7. Adrenergic and Mechanical Regulation of Oxidative Stress in the Myocardium.

Deborah A. Siwik, David R. Pimentel, Lei Xiao, Krisha Singh, Douglas B. Sawyer, and Wilson S. Colucci.

III. Therapeutic Pathways and Modulation of Oxidative Stress.

8. Beta-Blockers and Oxidative Stress.

Marrick L. Kukin.

9. Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors and Oxidative Stress.

Balkrishna Singh and William T. Abraham.

10. Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers and Oxidative Stress.

Colin Berry and John McMurray.

11. Microvasculature and Oxidative Stress, With Special Emphasis on the Acute Coronary Syndromes.

Mardi Gomberg-Maitland and Valentin Fuster.

12. The Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in the Pathogenesis of Endothelial Dysfunction in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure.

Haoyi Zheng, Henry Krum, and Stuart D. Katz.

13. Antioxidant Vitamins and Apoptosis.

Fuzhong Qin and Chang-seng Liang.


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The Wiley Advantage

a comprehensive evaluation of the experimental and clinical data relating oxidative stress and heart failure;

divided into three section: clinical heart failure, evidence for oxidative stress and experimental models, and pharmacologic approaches to counteracting failure;

valuable to both clinicians and investigators interested in the pathophysiology and treatment of heart failure.

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"The authors, experts in the field, describe the methods and results of their studies conducted in their own laboratory. Nevertheless, the authors manage to keep the text focused and quite comprehensible for the general clinician...

"This book provides a comprehensive overview of the heart failure syndrome and the evidence of the role of oxidative stress in its development...

"This book can be useful for clinicians to further their understanding of the pathogenesis of heart failure and how the different therapeutic pathways may improve mortality and morbidity. Furthermore, for those who are currently pursuing research in this field, the book serves as an excellent reference guide in addition to being a source of ideas and encouragement."

Jose C Mendez, MD (Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine)
Doody's Review Service

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