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Mississippi: A History

ISBN: 978-0-88295-236-9
445 pages
March 2005, ©2005, Wiley-Blackwell
Mississippi: A History (0882952366) cover image

We are especially proud to announce the publication of Mississippi: A History, the first textbook ever published specifically for use in college-level courses in Mississippi history.

In his sweeping coverage of the Mississippi story—from prehistoric times to the present day— Dr. Westley F. Busbee, Jr., deftly combines narrative and topical chapters to address major political, economic, social, and cultural developments. Having taught Mississippi history in college classes for more than thirty years, Dr. Busbee approaches this unflinching account by asking why Mississippi—with its rich natural and human resources—continues to compare unfavorably with other states in such critical areas as per capita income, adult literacy, and public health. “How and why,” he asks, “did all of us who call Mississippi home get where we are? What past mistakes might we hope to correct and what innovative approaches might we take to enhance the future of the state?”

The book seeks answers to these meaningful questions through a careful assimilation of information gleaned from a multitude of secondary and primary sources. It also includes original maps and tables as well as a multitude of photographs, selected sources by chapter, a Selected Bibliography of Mississippi History, a series of appendices, and a full subject index. In sum, this innovative survey provides a great new resource for all instructors of Mississippi history, a common base of information for students pursuing knowledge and meaning in the study of their state’s past, and a comprehensive and engaging read for anyone interested in knowing more about the fascinating history of the Magnolia State.

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Preface and Acknowledgments IX

Chapter One. Mississippi: The Name and the Place 1

Chapter Two. Two Worlds Collide: Spanish Explorers and American Indians 9

Chapter Three. French Colonies 23

Chapter Four. The British Period, 1763-1781 37

Chapter Five. Spanish Rule, 1781-1798 45

Chapter Six. The Territorial Period, 1798-1817 54

Chapter Seven. The New State, 1817-1832 69

Chapter Eight. Antebellum Politics 89

Chapter Nine. Antebellum Life 100

Chapter Ten. Mounting Sectional Strife 119

Chapter Eleven. Secession and Civil War 130

Chapter Twelve. Reconstruction in Mississippi 148

Chapter Thirteen. Bourbons and Populists 164

Chapter Fourteen. Into the Twentieth Century: Economic and Social Trends 182

Chapter Fifteen. Progressive “Rednecks” 198

Chapter Sixteen. A New Era, The 1920s 211

Chapter Seventeen. The Depression Years 226

Chapter Eighteen. A Rich Cultural Heritage 238

Chapter Nineteen. The World War II Era 257

Chapter Twenty. The Fifties 270

Chapter Twenty-One. Religious Life 284

Chapter Twenty-Two. The Second Reconstruction 296

Chapter Twenty-Three. Times of Transition 316

Chapter Twenty-Four. The Social Environment 336

Chapter Twenty-Five. Recent Political Trends 351

Chapter Twenty-Six. Tumultuous Trends in Education 367

Chapter Twenty-Seven Recent Economic Trends 387

Epilogue 408

Selected Bibliography of Mississippi History 411

Appendix I. European Rulers with Relation to Mississippi during the Colonial and Territorial Periods 417

Appendix II. Members of the U.S. Congress, 1817-1861 421

Appendix III. Mississippi Symbols and Facts 427

Appendix IV. Total Population, 1800-2000 428

Appendix V. Racial Population Changes 1800-2000 429

Appendix VI. Racial Composition of Population, 2000 430

Index. 431

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Westley F. Busbee Jr. , whose Mississippi ancestors predate statehood, was born and raised in Meridian. A graduate of Rhodes College, he earned the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees at the University of Alabama. Since 1968 Dr. Busbee has chaired the Department of History and Political Science and the Division of Humanities at Belhaven College, where he has also taught courses in Mississippi history for more than thirty-five years. Among other professional associations, Dr. Busbee is a member of the Mississippi Historical Society and the Southern Historical Association. He and his wife Carol reside in Rankin County and are the proud parents of three and grandparents of seven.

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