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Home Front U.S.A.: America During World War II, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-88295-286-4
168 pages
February 2012, ©2012, Wiley-Blackwell
Home Front U.S.A.: America During World War II, 3rd Edition (0882952862) cover image


New scholarship on World War II continues to broaden our understanding. With each passing year we know more about the triumphs and the tragedies of America’s involvement in the momentous conflict. Tapping into this greater awareness of the accomplishments of both soldiers and civilians and a better recognition of the consequences of decisions made, Allan Winkler presents the third edition of his highly popular series volume.

Informed by the latest historical literature and featuring many new thoughtfully chosen photographs, the third edition of Home Front U.S.A. continues to ponder the question of "the good war," the moral implications of the use of the atomic bomb, the implications of expanding wartime roles for women, African Americans, American Jews, the imprisonment of Japanese Americans at the hands of the federal government, and the experiences of the many other people who, though relegated to the fringe of mainstream society, contributed in important ways to the nation's successful prosecution of its greatest challenge.

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vii

Preface to the Third Edition xi

Prologue 1

Chapter One: The Arsenal of Democracy 7

The President and Mobilization 7

Industrial Mobilization 12

Mobilization and the Business Community 16

Mobilization and the Workforce 20

Mobilization and Money 25

Conclusion 28

Chapter Two: American Society at War 30

Mood and Morale 31

Campaigns and Popular Change 37

Shortages and Controls 43

Wartime Dislocation 49

Conclusion 55

Chapter Three: Outsiders and Ethnic Groups 56

Women and the War 57

African Americans and the Struggle for Equality 65

Latinos at War 76

American Indians and the War 80

Italian Americans under Attack 82

Chinese Americans in the Conflict 83

Japanese Americans: Civilian Casualties of War 84

American Jews and the War 88

Conclusion 90

Chapter Four: The Politics of War 91

The Elections of 1940 and 1942 92

The Elections of 1944 96

The Impact of the Conservative Coalition 100

Executive Leadership and Expansion 105

Harry S. Truman 108

Conclusion 110

Epilogue 111

Bibliographical Essay 116

Index 131

Illustrations and Photographs follow page 20

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Author Information

Allan M. Winkler is Distinguished Professor of History at Miami University in Ohio. He has also taught at Yale University and the University of Oregon and, for one year each, at the University of Helsinki in Finland, the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands, and the University of Nairobi in Kenya. A prize-winning teacher, he is author of ten books of his own, which include Life Under a Cloud: American Anxiety about the Atom, Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Making of Modern America, and “To Everything There is a Season”: Pete Seeger and the Power of Song, and co-author of the college textbook The American People: Creating a nation and a Society and the high school textbook America: Pathways to the Present.

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Praise for a previous edition:
"There are three major attributes to this book that help to make it a readable and useful supplement to a survey course. These are its chapter introductions, its judicious use of quotes and interpretations from recent scholarship, and the bibliographical essay. ...These lend authenticity and relevancy to the work and are, not incidentally, good models through which to encourage students to use the same techniques in their own writing." (Teaching History, 1986)
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