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Kansas: A Land of Contrasts, 4th Edition

ISBN: 978-0-88295-949-8
366 pages
February 1999, ©1999, Wiley-Blackwell
Kansas: A Land of Contrasts, 4th Edition (0882959492) cover image


Now in its fourth edition, the singular text of Kansas history for the last twenty-four years, Dr. Robert W. Richmond's Kansas: A Land of Contrast remains the classic survey of the Kansas story.

The political and economic aspects of the state's development are fully covered, but in this latest revision there is a greater emphasis on social history, with artists, writers, and athletes sharing the stage with politicians, industrialists, and explorers.

As in previous editions, Richmond includes ample quotations from documents of the period to convey a first-hand impression of the times. These colorful and often humorous anecdotes pepper the text with distinctive detail and make it a true pleasure to read.

The bibliographic readings at the end of each chapter have been extensively updated. The text is also profusely illustrated, with many images new to this edition.

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Table of Contents

Preface ix

Chapter 1. The Land and Its Native People 1

Chapter 2. Exploration of the Great Plains 12

Chapter 3. Indian Removal and Christian Missionary Efforts 26

Chapter 4. Trails and Early Transportation 43

Chapter 5. “Bleeding Kansas”—The Territorial Period 63

Chapter 6. The First Years of Statehood 83

Chapter 7. The Development of the Railroads 102

Chapter 8. The Cattle Trade: Trail Herds, Towns, and Ranchers 120

Chapter 9. The Frontier is Settled 135

Chapter 10. Immigrants on the Prairies 155

Chapter 11. Prohibition to Populism, 1870-1900 177

Chapter 12. Progressive Politics and Progress in a New Century 197

Chapter 13. The First World War and a “Return to Normalcy” 217

Chapter 14. The Changing, Troubled Twenties 233

Chapter 15. The “Dirty Thirties”: Kansas and the Great Depression 250

Chapter 16. Changing Times: The Second World War and Its Aftermath 268

Chapter 17. Kansas and the Arts 290

Chapter 18. Change, Controversy, and Commemoration 321

Appendix 346

Index 351

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Author Information

Robert W. Richmond is a native Kansan and holds degrees in history from Washburn University and the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. He retired from the Kansas State Historical Society as Assistant Executive Director and Treasurer in 1988, after thirty-six years on the staff. He was an Adjunct Associate Professor of History at Washburn for nearly forty years and also taught in the history departments of Baker and Emporia State universities in Kansas and the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada. He is the author of Kansas: A Pictorial History (1992) and co-author of A Nation Moving West (1966), Kansas in Newspapers (1963) and Take a Look at Kansas (1979). He edited Requisite Learning and Good Moral Character: A History of the Kansas Bench and Bar (1982) and has compiled biographies of three senior judges for the U.S. District Court of Kansas. He also has written numerous reviews and articles for both scholarly and popular journals. He is currently the principal partner of The Richmond Group, a historical consulting firm in Topeka.

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Praise for the 3rd edition:

"Kansas: A Land of Contrasts is likely to remain the best general history of the state for some years to come." (Kansas History: A Journal of the Central Plains, Winter 1989-1990)

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