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"They Made Us Many Promises": The American Indian Experience 1524 to the Present, 2nd Edition

Philip Weeks (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-88295-965-8
330 pages
December 2001, ©2002, Wiley-Blackwell
"They Made Us Many Promises": The American Indian Experience 1524 to the Present, 2nd Edition (0882959654) cover image


A descendant of The American Indian Experience, this compelling anthology showcases the work of sixteen specialists. Those chapters retained from the original volume have been carefully revised to make them more accessible to the average undergraduate, while six entirely new and original essays consider important topics: American Indian women; Indian-Spanish relations in the Greater Southwest in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; Indian affairs during the Civil War; the ongoing issue of Native Sovereignty; U.S. Indian policy since the Nixon Administration; and the emotional fight over Repatriation.

Designed for use as a core text in one- or two-semester courses in American Indian History or as a supplement to any standard U.S. History survey, "They Made Us Many Promises" is certain to challenge readers' assumptions about the past and current roles of Indians in American society.

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Table of Contents

Foreword IX

The Authors XI

Part I A World Turned Upside Down 1

Chapter 1 Black Gowns and Massachusetts Men: Indian-White Relations in New France and New England to 1701 3
James P. Ronda

Chapter 2 Mutual Distrust and Mutual Dependency: Indian-White Relations in the Era of the Anglo-French Wars for Empire, 1689-1763 32
Dwight L. Smith

Chapter 3 Facing Off: Indian-Spanish Rivalry in the Greater Southwest, 1528-1821 49
David La Vere

Chapter 4 The Trail of tears: Removal of the Southern Indian in the Jeffersonian-Jacksonian Era 67
Theda Perdue

Chapter 5 Blue, Gray, and Red: Indian Affairs during the American Civil War 85
Philip Weeks

Chapter 6 Ambiguity and Misunderstanding: The Struggle between the U.S. Army and the Indians for the Great Plains 105
Thomas W. Dunlay

Part II Visions of a New Order 123

Chapter 7 The Bitter Years: Western Indian Reservation Life 125
Donald J. Berthrong

Chapter 8 Reformers' Images of the American Indians: The Late Nineteenth Century 145
William T. Hagan

Chapter 9 From Bullets to Boarding Schools: The Educational Assault on American Indians
David Wallace Adams

Chapter 10 The Divided Heart: The Indian New Deal 175
Graham D. Taylor

Chapter 11 Dislocated: The Federal Policy of Termination and Relocation, 1945-1960 193
Donald L. Fixico

Chapter 12 Finally Acknowledging Native Peoples: American Indian Policies since the Nixon Administration 210
Laurence M. Hauptman

Part III The Night is Far Gone, The Day is Near 229

Chapter 13 Bury My Heart in Smog: Urban Indians 231
Blue Clark

Chapter 14 Native Sovereignty: Then and Now in California and the Northwest 244
Clifford E. Trafzer

Chapter 15 Traditions and Transformations: American Indian Women in Historical Perspective 269
Päivi Hoikkala

Chapter 16 Our Dead Are Never Forgotten: American Indian Struggles for Burial Rights and Protections 291

James Riding In

Index 325


Major Northeastern Tribes in the Seventeenth Century 7

Location of Indian Tribes, 1689-1783 37

Indian Tribes of the Southwest, c. 1700 56

Major Western Tribes in the Mid-Nineteenth Century 107

State and Federally Recognized U.S. Indian Reservations 224

The California Missions 247

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