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Flip Charts: How to Draw Them and How to Use Them

ISBN: 978-0-88390-031-4
96 pages
June 1989, Pfeiffer
Flip Charts: How to Draw Them and How to Use Them (0883900319) cover image


Your flip-chart expertise--or lack thereof--has a major impact on your success as a presenter and communicator. This practical handbook--filled with hints and illustrations--gives you the skills you need to use flip charts to their fullest extent.

Learn how to use flip charts to:
* Focus attention
* Record ideas
* Generate involvement
* Inform . . . and more!

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Why This Book was Written.

What It is and What It Isn't.


Basics: Some Very Brief Comments on Theory.

Problems With Using Flip Charts.

Various Uses of Flip Charts.

The Tools: The Easel.

The Pad (Paper).

The Marker.

The Yard Stick.

The Survival Kit.

Making Corrections.

Pocket Knife.

Design and Technique: Printing.



Balance and Symmetry.





Mechanics: Orchestration.

Reproducing Flip Charts.

How to Find Your Charts.




A Partial List of Resources.

Appendix A: Flip Chart Stand.

Appendix B: Templates.

About Richard C. Brandt.


Selected Illustrations.
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Author Information

RICHARD C. BRANDT served as president and principal consultant/trainer of Brandt Management Group, Inc. (BMG) of Richmond, Virginia. Brandt Management Group has built a quality reputation with its clients which include CitiCorp, I.E. DuPont de Nemours, Goodyear Tire and Rubber, Monsanto, Chase Manhattan Bank, and other top names in American business industy. In addition to BMG's work in presentation techniques, it has received critical acclaim for its two-day workshop/seminar "The Business of Listening." The program features the unique Listening Practices Feedback Report. The research-based computerized report is now being used in a variety of client programs, for examples, sales, communications, and management.
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