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BSAVA Manual of Wildlife Casualties

Elizabeth Mullineaux (Editor), Richard Best (Editor), John E. Cooper (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-905214-63-4
250 pages
June 2003
BSAVA Manual of Wildlife Casualties (0905214633) cover image


The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons suggests that all veterinary surgeons provide emergency service for wildlife casualties and that such care enhances the public perception of the profession. A variety of wild birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish are presented to veterinary surgeries by the general public as a result of injury, disease or being found apparently abandoned. Success in treating wildlife casualties depends not only upon the clinical skills of the practitioner, but also encompasses nursing staff and those involved in the rehabilitation and release of the casualty.

This Manual has drawn together veterinary surgeons specializing in wildlife care, general practitioners and rehabilitators, to produce a unique source of information.

Initial chapters, applicable to all wildlife casualties, set out ethical considerations plus the principles of treatment, feeding, rehabilitation, release and clinical pathology. Legal considerations are then outlined, principally for the UK but also with reference to European Union and some international legislation.

The major species or groups of mammals and birds encountered in Britain are then covered in detail, followed by a chapter on reptiles, amphibians and fish. These chapters use a standard approach to give details on: natural history; anatomy and physiology; capture, handling and transportation; examination and assessment for rehabilitation; first aid; anaesthesia and analgesia; diagnosis and treatment of common problems; management in captivity; rearing of young animals; and release. These chapters provide critical information to assess whether the casualty is likely to be able to return to a normal life back in the wild, and whether treatment should be considered. At all stages, emphasis is given to the assessment for return to the wild.

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Table of Contents

List of contributors.



1. Introduction: Wildlife causalities and the veterinary surgeon (James K.Kirkwood).

2. Basic principles of treating wildlife casualties (Dick Best and Elizabeth Mullineaux).

3. Rehabilitation and release (Paul Llewellyn).

4. Principles of clinical; pathology and post-mortem examinations (John E. Cooper).

5. The law affecting British wildlife casualties (Margaret E. Cooper).

6. Hedgehogs (Steven Bexton and Ian Robinson).

7. Squirrels (Anthony W. Sainsbury).

8. Other insectivores and rodents (Richard Saunders).

9. Bats (Andrew Routh).

10. Rabbits and hares (Frances Harcourt-Brown and Katherien Whitwell).

11. Badgers (Elizabeth Mullineaux).

12. Otters (Victor R. Simpson and Michael A. King).

13. Other Mustelids (John E. Cooper).

14. Wildcats (Dick Best).

15. Foxes (Matthew G.I. Brash).

16. Deer (Peter Green).

17. Marine mammals (James Barnett and Ian Robinson).

18. Seabirds: gulls, auks, gannets, petrels (Emma Keeble).

19. Wading birds, including herons (Dick Best and Becki Lawson).

20. Waterfowl: Swans, geese, ducks, grebes and divers (Stephen W. Cooke).

21. Crakes and rails - coot and moorhen (Dick Best).

22. Birds of Prey (Neil A. Forbes).

23. Gamebirds (John R. Chitty).

24. Pigeons and doves (John R. Chitty).

25. Small birds (Dick Best).

26. Reptiles, amphibians and fish (John E. Cooper).

Appendix 1. Avian formulary.

Appendix 2. Useful addresses.

Appendix 3. Common and scientific names.



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The Wiley Advantage

* Completely NEW BSAVA Manual
* Contributions from veterinary surgeons and wildlife rehabilitators ensure a practical and authoritative approach
* Background ecology and biology, social structure, habitat and feeding
* Basic principles of history taking and assessment for euthanasia or rehabilitation
* Capture, handling and transport
* Physical and clinical examination
* Housing and husbandry
* Fist Aid, supportive care and nursing
* Euthanasia techniques
* Clinical pathology and post-mortem examinations
* Rehabilitation: assessment, facilities, release and monitoring
* Common diseases and their management
* Legal aspects
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