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BSAVA Manual of Rabbit Medicine and Surgery, 2nd Edition

Anna Meredith (Editor), Paul Flecknell (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-905214-96-2
200 pages
December 2007
BSAVA Manual of Rabbit Medicine and Surgery, 2nd Edition (090521496X) cover image
In the 6 years since the bestselling first edition of the BSABA Manual of Rabbit Medicine and Surgery was published, the field has changed dramatically and there has been a significant increase in our understanding of rabbit health and disease.

The increase in knowledge is reflected in this second edition, not only by the increase in length but also by the addition of four new chapters. General nursing care and hospital supportive care required for these patients. Diagnostic imaging uses specially drawn illustrations to explain optimal positioning, and includes both normal and abnormal radiographs plus ultrasound, CT and MRI images. Cardiovascular disorders describes diagnostics, including a useful table of ECG values, and medical management of cardiac and vascular problems. Finally, the new chapter on Dentistry builds on the information given in the first edition and illustrates both the diagnostic approach and treatment of common conditions.

The introduction of a new co-editor and some new authors has brought new insights and opinions to several areas.
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List of contributors.



1. General biology and husbandry (Anna Meredith).

2. Physical examination and clinical techniques (Michelle L. Ward).

3. General nursing care and hospital management (Donna Brown and Gidona Goodman).

4. Clinical Pathology (Jeffrey R. Jenkins).

5. Diagnostic Imaging (Simon J. Girling).

6. Euthanasia (Sally O. Walshaw).

7. Respiratory Disorders (Anna Meredith).

8. Digestive System Disorders (Ron Rees Davies).

9. Urogenital system and disorders (Brigitte Reusch).

10. Cardiovascular Disorders (Connie J. Orcutt).

11. Nervous and Musculoskeletal Disorders (Emma Keeble).

12. Ophthalmology (David L. Williams).

13. Dermatoses (Anna Meredith).

14. Behaviour Problems (Sally O. Walshaw).

15. Therapeutics (Christal Pollock).

16. Anaesthesia and Perioperative Care (Paul Flecknell).

17. Common Surgical Procedures (Steve J. Mehler ).

18. Dentistry (Paul Hobson).


1. Common diseases of rabbits.

2. Differential diagnoses based on clinical signs.

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Anna Meredith, Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Midlothian

Paul Flecknell, Comparative Biology Centre Medical School, Newcastle

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  • New co-editor, Anna Meredith, with specific expertise on pet rabbits;

  • New chapters on cardiovascular and dental diseases;

  • Key sections include more pictures and have been rewritten to adopt a practical slant.
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