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Complexities of Higher Education Administration: Case Studies and Issues

ISBN: 978-0-9627042-7-7
252 pages
June 1993
Complexities of Higher Education Administration: Case Studies and Issues (096270427X) cover image


Complexities of Higher Education Administration

Based on extensive experience in administration, in teaching, and in running workshops for administrators, the authors have assembled a collection of cases focused on topics common to academic administration. This book:
* offers sixteen generalized cases based on real situations
* combines higher education administration and communication theory
* includes indices for selecting cases by institution type, level and constituency, issues and tasks, and communication skills
* is a valuable resource for practicing administrators
* is an ideal text for graduate courses in educational administration, organizational communication, and management.
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Table of Contents

About the Authors.




Higher Education Issues and Administrative Tasks.

Communication Skills.

Administrative Level and Constituency Group.

Institution Type.


1. Mirror, mirror on the wall. . .

2. Statics, tensions and abrasions.

3. Competitors or partners?

4. Publish or perish.

5. Transitions.

6. An exceedingly chilly climate.

7. An open and shut case.

8. Hindsight is 20/20.

9. Supervisor's dilemma.

10. The new mandate: Assess!

11. Puzzle pieces.

12. Silence gives license.

13. An attempt to finese.

14. Domino effect.

15. Who's on first?

16. Whose decision is this anyway?


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