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Smart Giving Is Good Business: How Corporate Philanthropy Can Benefit Your Company and Society

ISBN: 978-1-118-00162-2
288 pages
February 2011, Jossey-Bass
Smart Giving Is Good Business: How Corporate Philanthropy Can Benefit Your Company and Society (1118001621) cover image


Answers to the 12 most common and critical questions about corporate giving

In this groundbreaking resource, Weeden shows how to strategically plan, manage and evaluate corporate contributions. Questions include: Why Should We Give?; How Much?; Who Decides?; Does a Company Need a Foundation?; How to Give Products or Services?; How Do We Know What Works? The book covers a wide range of topics including: The case for conditional corporate philanthropy; increasing stewardship to give more; assigning responsibility for signature programs; how CEOs leverage contributions programs for maximum benefit; effectively staffing corporate contributions programs; the pros and cons of corporate foundations; and more.

  • Offers benchmarks for determining if a business has a meaningful philanthropic program that fosters constructive corporate citizenship
  • Reveals how an effective philanthropic program and commitment can be incorporated in any organization
  • Contains a comprehensive review of the information corporations need to make informed decisions about giving

The author offers a prescription for linking businesses with causes and the nonprofits addressing critical issues in a way that will preserve or restore services and activities essential to our quality of life.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Why More Corporations Are Giving Less.

1. Why Should a Business Give at All?

2. What's the Right Amount to Give?

3. Who Decides What Gets Funded?

4. What's the Right Role for the CEO?

5. Who Should Administer Company Donations?

6. Does a Company Need a Foundation?

7. Should a Company Donate Products or Services?

8. How Much Should a Company Donate for Dinners and Events?

9. Should a Company Fund the United Way, or Are There Better Alternatives?

10. How Should a Company Respond to a Disaster?

11. Can a Company Measure What Works?

12. How Should a Company Communicate Its Contributions Commitments?

13. What If a Company's Profits Tank?

14. Conclusion: The Nun's Tzedakah.


About the Author.

Businesses Index.

Nonprofit Organizations Index.


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Author Information

Curt Weeden is president of the consulting firm Business and Nonprofit Strategies, Inc. and a popular writer and speaker on the topics of philanthropy and corporate social responsibility. He founded and served as CEO of the Association of Corporate Contributions Professionals, a national organization representing corporate contributions, community relations, and employee volunteer executives. Weeden is a former Johnson & Johnson vice president who managed that corporation's philanthropy program.

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